Stop Constipation with a Morning Shake
Stop Constipation with a Morning Shake

Stop Constipation with a Morning Shake

Mild or chronic constipation can some times be difficult to eliminate. Chronic constipation may require medical attention but it can be handled by using natural remedies. Most people that have this chronic condition have most likely resorted to laxatives, which makes their condition more difficult to cure. Laxative make you dependent on them for having regular bowel movements.

For those of you that have mild constipation, here is a morning shake or smoothie that will help activate your colon to have a bowel movement. This smoothie is packed with nutrients that your body will use to regenerate your colon and body. When you have an issue with your colon, it will take a month or more for the nutrients you take to re-establish healthy tissue in your colon walls. But to activate your colon to peristaltic action, it may only require a few day for your body to respond.

I have been making smoothies for a few years and always enjoy making and drinking them. I make enough to drink them early in the morning and to put into my thermos to drink around 10am.

When I make this drink I just start putting things in the blender without measuring. You can do the same and make adjustments as you go. You will eventually come up with a formula that you like and that you can vary to get different tastes.

" one or more peeled banana depending on size and how thick you want your smoothie.

" 4-5 strawberries or other type of berries, or fruits You can mix different fruits to get different tastes.

" one tablespoon or more of lecithin granules

" one - two teaspoons of flax seed oil - this oil does not have much taste

" half and half almond milk and apple juice - you can use rice milk or raw goat milk if you have it. If you want gain a little weight you can use coconut milk

In a coffee grinder, grind up around a teaspoon or less of the following:

" brown sesame seeds - are high in lecithin, vitamin C, E, and Calcium. They improve liver function and help in constipation

" sunflower seeds - are high protein, Calcium, and iron. They are one of the best natural foods, which feeds the entire body.

" flax seeds - are high in fiber and provide bulk for your stools. Ground flax seeds provide you more nutrients than flax seed oil.

" almonds - use around 6-7 or more. They are high in Calcium, Phosphorus and have some B-vitamins. Only eat a few. They are high in calories.

After grinding the seeds, place them in the blender and blender everything for about 3-4 minutes. If you need a little sweetness, you can add a small amount of honey. I find this drink plenty sweet without any honey.

Sometimes I will add the powder of a few acidophilus capsules.

If I dont add the almonds, I just put all the tiny seeds into the blender without grinding them up. The blender will break them up.

This is a powerful smoothie to give you morning power and to activate your colon to get moving and to stop constipation. There is not set formula or quantities of the ingredients that you need to use. It will depend on what ingredients you have and what type of fruits and seeds you like. But the ingredients listed here provide with the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and fiber to activate peristaltic action in your colon.

If you are concern about having regular bowel movements and having a healthy colon go to this site to learn how you can achieve this.

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