SONY PSP 4000 Release Date VS Price
SONY PSP 4000 Release Date VS Price

SONY PSP 4000 Release Date VS Price

There are rumors about that Sony is going to refresh their PSP and this news has created lots of speculations among game players. Just as an former saying goes, the refreshed and advanced PSP 4000 would be released in the year 2009 before Christmas. But people hold different ideas about this news of Sony PSP 4000 and its release. The Sony PSP 4000 release price and date is not confirmed by SONY. They kept silent about PSP 4000. There are no official announcement about PSP 4000s release date and price.

However, you still can find many sites which claim a perfect date or price about PSP 4000. The Sony PSP 4000 would be a true successor of the PSP-3000 and this will provide gamers a new experience of portable gaming. Different publishing sources, gaming sites and blogs are claiming that Sony kept silent because they want to bring all gamers with a sudden and big surprise. Whats more, they dont want to raise brows of competitors by their announcement. The PSP-3000 was launched in the year 2008 in October, so many people think that the PSP 4000 would be launched just before Christmas in 2009.

Game Players are rather crazy about the issue and eager to know what Sonys opinion on PSP-4000 is. The detail of the new model is round and no clear. There are many news from many sources that Sony has published to refresh their PlayStation Portable immediately after they launched the PSP-3000. Almost all important position holders of SONY have denied any such news! They denied such rumors and said that SONY right now was concentrating on the success of PSP-3000. Some rumor spreaders have made it a point to emphasize that some insiders from SONY have revealed the features of the Sony PSP-4000 and the console has not been changed too much. There would few minor changes here and there like the screen would be a slider one with touch screen mode.

There are some gaming sites and other sources which claim that Sony is planning to launch Sony PSP-4000 to counter the launch of Nintendo DSi which is expected to launch in the mid of 2009. Fans of Sony PSP2 are disappointed to find no reliable source to learn whether Sony will launch PSP 4000 in 2009. When SONY was asked about their launch they simply replied that they make no comments on rumors and speculations.

However, there is an online website which announce the picture of PSP 4000 and its price. The price is $249 USD.

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