Seduce Girls With Boyfriends - Who Says You Cant?

Seduce Girls With Boyfriends - Who Says You Cant?

Lets face it. The most beautiful attractive girls already have boyfriends. Finding out that the girl youre interested in is already in a relationship does not mean you should stop pursuing her. Hey, Im not trying to be evil here.

What Im saying is that, its totally harmless to flirt with someone who already has a boyfriend. Theyre not married are they? Let me explain why its okay to seduce girls with boyfriends.There is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend (well maybe you can try and be an exemption) and most girls, usually the ones in an early relationship would feel that their guys are not meeting their standards and expectations (which is normal, by the way). If youre lucky, the girl might be just waiting to be whacked on the right spot to detach herself from her current relationship.

Take note this: most girls in a rocky relationship only stay with their boyfriends because they still havent found someone to replace them. So fire-up that confidence level and go ahead and approach that girls youve been eying across the room (make sure shes not with her boyfriend of course).Now lets say this girl really likes her boyfriend and is not actually finding a way out of a relationship.

This ones tougher but definitely worth the try. The trick is, make her talk about what she likes about her boyfriend. Do not counter her stories, just listen attentively and be agreeable. By letting her talk about her "wonderful" relationship, youre starting to make her feel good and this could build a better rapport between the two of you.

Make her feel comfortable. Chances are, say, during a fight with her boyfriend, she will seek your company and pour her heart out to you, and this is your opening to be more flirtatious with her.Bear in mind though that its always better to date and flirt with single girls. If youre luckier, you can score a very beautiful attractive single girl all to yourself. Now, if you still want to learn more on how to

seduce girls

with boyfriends, visit my website for a more detailed description of my methods on dating, flirting and seduction. Will hear from you soon!About the Author :Mark Taylor is an expert on seduction attraction and dating. He has helped thousands of men attract beautiful women and get over their shyness and transform into confident men.