Online Dating Emails - How To Respond When She Rejects You
Online Dating Emails - How To Respond When She Rejects You

Online Dating Emails - How To Respond When She Rejects You

So, youve sent an email to a woman you REALLY dig. It was one of your BEST emails, one that will surely catch her attention. You wait a few days for her response and... nothing.

You wait a few more days and still no response. So, you send her your standard, "no response" email. Shes sure to respond to that one. Once again, you wait for her response.

Then a few days later, FINALLY, theres her email in your inbox!

She responded! You read her message which says,

"Hi, so sorry about not getting back to you. Things have been really hectic around here. Unfortunately, I dont think we are a good match."

Take care,


Ah, there it is... The "take care" message that so many women send. I would swear they all belong to some underground womens group that came up with this "take care" message as their standard response. Kind of like a womans standard fake number she hands out at bars and clubs.

If youve been involved in online dating for any length of time, Im sure youve seen this response. So, how do you respond? Well, heres what you DONT do. You definitely want to AVOID getting all mad and sending her an angry response.

Heres one that women get all the time:

"You know, I dont know how you can reject someone you havent even met in person. You dont even know me. We could have been a great match. Next time, why dont you give a guy a chance.."

There it is. Angry response from angry guy! What does the above message say about angry guy?

It says,

"Im angry, rejected and Im putting too much importance on what you think of me. I dont have a whole lot going on in my life so I was hoping you would like me. I feel so bad about you rejecting me that Im going to try and get you back by shaming you."

See, how silly that is? No woman on an internet dating site should have that kind of power over you. It doesnt do any good to get angry and try and "get her back." Thats a waste of time and energy.

Instead, send her something like this:

"Hey, no problem! Ive got thick skin. Anyway, good luck out there. Youre going to need it."

Says all the right things about you and its rather ambiguous with the "youre going to need it" comment at the end. Shell be dying to know what you mean by that... it might even get her coming back to you.

Try it and let me know what happens.

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