Friendship and Loyalty

Friendship and Loyalty

Jack Londons Call of the Wild depicts a beautiful relationship of friendship and faithfulness between a man and a dog. The wolf-dog Buck avenges the death of his master-friend man, or Maharana Prataps horse Chetak who jumped over a wide chasm. Animals indeed have loyalty galore. Friendship one of the most beautiful gifts of God to mankind which cannot go without loyalty. Friendship does not mean the getting together of two similar personalities. Friendship has no pre-requisites. It does not also mean there is no difference of opinion or arguments or acrimonious fights. It can weather all these blows and yet exist everywhere under all conditions. Loyalty is another virtue which goes hand in hand with friendship. A master servant relation alone does not require loyalty but it is the requisite of all relations and especially friendship. Loyalty means being faithful to a person, it means to standby a person in all condition. It is regardless of prosperity or adversity. A friend is a friend. He transcends the petty immaterial worldly issues like wealth, power etc. Loyalty in a person shows he possesses integrity of character. These are some angelic qualities of man.

Human history is replete with examples of friendship and loyalty. We have seen loyal friends laying down their lives to save their friend. The Macedonian Alexander- the world conqueror was buried with his friend in the same grave.

The world has also witnesses long-long lasting friendship of countries like India and Russia which was once termed beautifully as the mingling of the Ganga-Volga.
Among the celebrated creative friendship of the world we have Jean Paul Sartre and Simon de Beauvoir, the English Poets William Wordsworth and Samuel T. Coleridge who though disagreed on many a literal issues yet their friendship and loyalty was worth emulating. Who can forget the friendship of the Aryan German athlete Luz Long and the American negro Jesse Owens, which fostered amidst the highly competitive Olympic grounds of Munich, despite the aggressively belligerent Aryan supremacy theory of Hitler.

Alexander Pope and John Dryden whose mutual regard and friendship bloomed in a coffee house and survived the bitterly sarcastic classical age of theirs. Whereas the same Pope split up with Shadwell when their political loyalty outweighed their mutual one. Alas! One was Tory another Whig! Still surviving all odds friendship and loyalty spring eternal in a truly human heart.

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