Married People Flirting: Fun or Infidelity?
Married People Flirting: Fun or Infidelity?

Married People Flirting: Fun or Infidelity?

Should married people indulge in flirting? Is marriage the end of the road for flirting and adult fun? What is the meaning of fidelity in marriage? Is flirting is against the vows of marriage? Many people, many different opinions. Some people think it is against the fidelity rules, while others are of the opinion that harmless flirting actually adds spice to married life.

Flirting is an art of seduction, a method of attracting attention on a sexual level. For single people it is also a way of working into a relationship. For married people flirting can be a way to feel attractive again and to signal to their partners that they are still in demand in the market. Flirting is a great aphrodisiac for some people - it enhances their sex life as well as strengthens the relationship with their partner.

Often partners are taken for granted in marriage. After 7-10 years, it is difficult to see the sexual attractiveness of your partner and crave for it as easily as you did during the years of courtship. This could be due to too much familiarization or simply because you do not look at him/her that way any longer.

Married people flirting often aim at bringing the lost magic back into their lives. When one partner realizes that their partner is still having the power of sexual attraction, their own passion ignites. Of course, this happens only when both partners trust each other implicitly; when they know for sure that the flirting is totally harmless and they love each other deeply.

Married people can use flirting even with one another. There are married couples who make time to send each other love notes and flowers all the time. They make dates with each other and flirt with each other openly and flagrantly in front of others and in private. In fact, married people flirting with each other usually have great sex life.

The bottom line is: married people flirting is not a bad or immoral thing, as long as it stays within the acceptable limits set up by both partners. Used well, it can give a new lease of mutual sexual attraction and bring a lot of fun and enjoyment back in your life.

Married people flirting should observe one rule for sure: flirting should be done with the knowledge and with the permission of each other. As long as both are aware what the other is doing and they trust each other, flirting with one another or any third party will likely to bring only good results.

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