Making Roman Shades - How To Construct

Making Roman Shades - How To Construct

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When decorating your room that requires light control and privacy... like your bedroom... roman shades immediately come to mind. Roman shades are the perfect window treatment for just about any room. Roman Shades can add privacy when lowered, insulation and light control. Plus they are super stylish and with the right fabric... stunning.

And the best part about roman shades... they are VERY easy to make!

Now, there are lots of different styles of roman shades... and I cant fit all that information into one little article. But I can show you how to construct a roman shade thats flat and unlined.

This style is quick and easy... and if you already have some fabric... I bet youll be able to hang your roman shades in a matter of a couple of hours.

So lets get started making a roman shade!

Supplies youll need to make a roman shade:

Your face fabric, roman shade rings, roman shade lift cord, screw eyes, a cord lock, a dust board and some angle brackets.

Dont forget matching thread and a new needle for your sewing machine.

How To Construct A Roman Shade

Step 1: Measure to get the finished width and length of your roman shade. Youll want to write down how wide you want your roman shade and how long you want your roman shade. If you are planning on installing your roman shade within the window frame, subtract 1/2" from the width to allow the roman shade to raise and lower without rubbing.

Step 2: Cut your fabric width to the finished width PLUS 4".

Step 3: Cut your fabric length to the finished length PLUS 9"

Step 4: Lay your fabric wrong side up. Fold the side edges in 1" and press. Then fold them in again and press. Sew the side seams with a straight stitch or with a blind hem stitch.

Step 5: Fold the bottom edge up 3" and press. Fold it up again 3" and press. Sew the bottom hem with a straight stitch or with a blind hem stitch.

Youre almost done making your roman shade!

Step 6: Using the side seams as a guide, measure up from the bottom edge 3" and mark with a pin. Then measure up every 6" and mark with a pin. You should now have pins running up both side seams.

Step 7: Measure across your shade - in between pins - about every 10" and mark with a pin. Youll want these pins to be evenly spaced... so the spacing may be anywhere from 9" to 11".

Sewing TIP: Fold your shade right sides together at each row of pins. The folded edge creates a clean line from pin to pin. Use the folded edge as a guide when measuring a cross your roman shade. This way the pins are aligned with each other horizontally.

Just a couple more steps!

Step 8: Sew a shade ring to your roman shade at each pin.

Sewing TIP: Fold your shade right sides together at each row of pins. Slide the folded edge under your sewing machines presser foot. Slide a shade ring under the presser foot so that its edge touches your shade. Set your machine to a zig-zag stitch and lower the feed teeth. Remove the pin and sew the shade ring to your roman shade with the zig-zag stitch. Your needle will catch the folded edge of your roman shade and then swing over the edge of your shade ring. Stitch about 5 or 6 times. Easy!

Step 9: Staple the top edge of your roman shade to a dust board. Make sure that the distance from the top side of the board to the bottom edge of your roman shade is the finished length.

Step 10: Install a screw eye for each column of rings.

Step 11: Install a cord lock on one side of your dust board.

Step 12: Tie lift cord to the bottom rings and thread them up through the columns of shade rings. Thread each lift cord through its corresponding screw eye and then over to the cord lock.

Install your roman shade.

Step 13: Install your dust board to your window or wall.

Step 14: Finish off your lift cords with a decorative cord drop and cord cleat.

See... Making roman shades can be quick and easy!

There are several styles of roman shades to construct. This is just one simple version. You can line your roman shades... interline them. There are hobbled roman shades, relaxed roman shades... london shades. All kinds! And they all start with these basic instructions.

How To Make Roman Shades

Learn how to make roman shades with step by step video tutorials and illustrated instructions by visiting Making Roman Shades is easier than you may think... and Jenny T. will show you all the steps from design through installation.