Laptopparts And Laptopaid - Site Reviews
Laptopparts And Laptopaid - Site Reviews

Laptopparts And Laptopaid - Site Reviews

When it comes to repairs and upgrades on our laptops there is a growing number of us that our carrying out these ourselves at home, the internet has opened up a wealth of options as to where to source the laptop parts we need for this, and I would like to take a moment to discuss these options, such as Laptopparts, Laptopaid and the many others available to us.
The first thing to consider when we use sites like Laptopparts or Laptopaid we need to ask ourselves a few simple questions such as what laptop parts am I trying to source? When will they be shipped? Will I receive a guarantee against dead on arrival parts? And how do I know I am I receiving a quality part and a quality service when I shop online for my laptop parts? These are all questions that can be easily answered and should be asked by us all before we proceed with purchasing laptop parts online.

Obviously the laptop parts you are trying to source will depend entirely upon the repair or upgrade needed to be carried out, but ensure you utilize the service of a store that holds a wide variety of parts for a wide variety of makes and models, this will enable you to ensure you select the right part first time. I find sites such as Laptopparts a little difficult to navigate personally, and I would maybe consider other options before digging too deep in to their site.

The next thing to consider, and possibly one of the most important is to ensure your laptop parts are insured against dead on arrival, otherwise known as DOA, and a good store will clarify this on the home page before you go any further. Upon reviewing Laptopparts and Laptopparts world I found no sign of this unfortunately, however it is clearly stated on some other sites.

And this brings us on to the next point to consider, receiving a
quality part and a quality service - this can be clarified with in the site itself, hopefully on the home page to save you time. Again reviewing Laptopparts I saw no sign of this, and Laptopparts World showed a money back guarantee at the very bottom of their page.

You can see from this review that to ensure you receive the best laptop parts and the best service you may have to look around a little bit. After starting this review I dug a little deeper in the Laptop parts stores to see what a good site should contain, and finding the details where I wanted - on the home page.

I eventually found everything, clearly stated that I will receive quality tested parts with quality guarantees and same day shipping all rolled into one site,, they seem to leave the competition standing and get my vote any day.