Interior Design Concepts for Zen-Inspired Bathroom

Interior Design Concepts for Zen-Inspired Bathroom

Modern designs nowadays are based on the minimalist concept wherein less furniture with maximized storage area is important. Just like in Zen-type designs, clean cut, black, and stone-based elements are what comprise of their decorative and interior designs. Trying out new trends can help you improve living conditions, and for starters, redecorating your bathroom completely Zen style will be a good choice for change.

1. Flooring: Doing away with the tiles is the first step. Look for stone suppliers or Italian stone-like tiles for your flooring as this is considered one of the basics in such design. Same goes for your walls, using stones, but maybe in a different shade or texture is better. Leaving around 1/3 of the upper ceiling in black tiles can also make your bathroom not look too dull.

2. Sink and top area: Since black is a prominent color in Zen interior, using granite and marble for your sink counter will look good as a contrast against the stones. Also, make the sink area seem divided from your bath area, using pebbles and wooden pathways or walkways will be a good choice for such set-up.

3. Bath Fixtures: Opting for black fixtures for your shower and water knobs add to the Zen appeal. Try purchasing much larger, modern-looking showerheads and thin faucets and handles.

4. Lighting: Using halogen lights are nice for highlighting the areas in your bathroom. Opting again for black against a white ceiling would look good to match the lower part of the bathroom.

5. Plants: Using bamboo-like plants in thin tall vases will be good accents; also, putting whole stones or pebbles in the vase complete the whole plant arrangement.

6. Art: Picking Japanese art that is sort of off the color-code you chose can be good accents. Producing poster prints online of designs like cherry blossoms or Japanese umbrella artwork posted on the upper part of your walls will look nice. Opting for online poster printing services can also supply you with ore ideas on what to add onto for your specifications.

Rebuilding a whole design by yourself is actually easy; also, you get to save a lot of money from doing away with professional interior designers. Once you produce your Zen like bathroom, moving on to the room area for your next project will not be very difficult.