Important Survival Tips during a Tsunami

Important Survival Tips during a Tsunami

A little forethought and organization will payoff in a great memorable adventure for that next outdoors excursion you may have planned.

The older liquid gas lanterns give off just as much light but you will have to refill the tank with liquid gas and this can be messy as well as dangerous if you are not careful. Both types of lanterns use mantels so be sure to carry extras.

Pack a variety of clothing and prepare to dress in layers if you have to. You will need to pack a hat of some sort to protect you from the sun or rain. Some type of rain gear would be advisable. You will need to take a close look at what type of activities you will be doing on your trip.
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It is important to check beforehand as to where cycling is allowed. Most National Parks only allow biking on the paved and backcountry dirt roads throughout the parks. Most hiking trails do not allow bicycles. Most of your cycling through the parks will be done on the same roads used for cars.

The only problem is that camping in areas that are not designated for camping can cause problems with the law. Many land owners do not wish campers to be on their property and some nature reserves prohibit camping due to damage it can cause to the environment.

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Important Survival Tips during a Tsunami

The great tsunami that has greatly devastated countries near the Indian Ocean in the previous year is one of the most disastrous catastrophes in recent history. And tsunamis continue to be great threats for people living near the coasts. Knowing essential survival steps for a tsunami cannot be overemphasized.

A Tsunami can bring great destruction to human communities. In Thailand alone, 5,395 died in last years tsunami with 2,817 people still missing and 6,000 individuals displaced. Over 50,000 children have been greatly affected by the disaster with 1,480 of them losing at least one parent.

Tsunamis, like other natural calamities, cannot be prevented, thus the only hope is preparation and survival. Here are some important survival tips during a Tsunami:

1. Watch for announcements on the radio or TV about emergency information and always be prepared for evacuation when there is an impending danger.

2. If an official warning or even detected signs for a tsunami is announced, leave immediately if you are living near the coast. Go to places with higher elevation that are far from the coastlines. Tsunami warnings are issued when the weather bureau are almost certain about the tsunami threat.

Once your kids (and you) recover from the shock of having no television or Internet access, youll all have an eye-opening experience.

Camping is relatively inexpensive, often nostalgic, and gives campers a chance to really appreciate their natural world.

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If you are going to use candles you will have to be very careful that you do not start a fire. Rememer that the hot wax of the candle can burn you if you get it on your skin.

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3. Go away from the beach. Never expect to watch a tsunami and survive. If the wave is already visible you are already too close to get away from it.

4. Go back home only when the authorities announce that it is safe to return. Tsunamis are made up of several successions of waves. The danger is not yet over after one wave has struck, the following wave might even be greater, so stay away from the area.

5. Keep up to date with a portable radio for the latest warnings. More on Wilderness Survival Tips.

6. Try to help persons who are trapped or injured without compromising your own safety. Perform necessary first aid steps. If you do not know what to do, call for help immediately.

7. If you have been injured call attention to yourself so that you may get aid or others may call for help on your behalf.

8. Do not go near any damaged buildings because there might be debris that might fall on you.

9. When you are allowed to go back home, enter with great caution. Watch out for live wires and electrical shorts. Avoid using any electrical appliance to avoid being accidentally electrocuted.

10. Do not drink tap water until authorities have declared it safe. Throw out food that has come into contact with flood waters.

Tsunamis cannot be stopped, but you can prevent yourself from being endangered. Know what to do, and remember it well.

Dont forget sunscreen, bug spray and hygiene items. Toilet paper and paper towels are absolute necessities. Bring along some soap and toothpaste, but leave the hair gel and makeup at home. Mother Nature doesnt care what you look like. She just wants you to enjoy your stay.

Camping is a great way to enjoy amazing outdoors and be close to nature. It is not just another holiday; its a way of life. While camping out, one is surrounded by nature and serenity.

One of the most convenient and popular camping activities is hiking trails. For some people a hike can consist of a simple walk around the park, while others prefer a much lengthier hike. Regardless of what sort of hike you will be taking, a little preparation will go a long way in ensuring a comfortable journey.

Avoid camping in low places--Air flow gets stagnant and typically moisture settles more. Also, if it rains whilst your tent is up, theres a greater chance of water collecting when youre camped in a low lying area. Lastly, position your tent so that your head is uphill wherever you camp (seeing as most locations are rarely ever flat)

Plan on eating about as much while youre camping as you eat when youre at home. If youre car camping and you have the extra space, it might not hurt to take a little extra food; but if youre packing it in, every ounce counts, especially on long hikes. Be sure not to under pack your camping food the only thing longer than a 20-miler is a 20-miler when youre hungry. Starving your body while doing rigorous exercise, like hiking, could have adverse affects on your health.

Then once you purchase the tent, practice setting it up several times. This will give you an idea of what tools you will need to take with you. Doing this will also give you a great idea about the functionality and usage for your tent. You may also need to take some spare parts for the tent incase of breakage or damage to some parts.

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Instead of going up to other campers and saying, Hi, Im Kerry and Im here by myself ask questions like How can I contact you if I experience a problem or is this campground regularly patrolled?Dont advertise you are by yourself by finding campsites away from walking trails