How to use Kino to create a strong attraction with a woman.

How to use Kino to create a strong attraction with a woman.

While engaging with women, it is important that you know how to be subtle and you can use it to separate you from the pack and elevates your mysterious intimacy quotient in the eyes and bodies of the women that you meet. But to accomplish this feat, you need to study, understand and master the art of Kin and how to use it to your advantage when meeting women.

Kino is an acronym for kinesthetic touch that involves you touching women in a friendly and flirtatious manner that over a short period of time, can take the friendship to an intimate level and could also be classified as harmless seduction. However, if used correctly, Kino can quickly lead you to becoming more familiar with women and give you a lead over other men who might be shy or afraid to touch women in any way. The key is to learning when and how to initiate the Kino process on women and how to take it forward once women are comfortable with your light touches.

Kino can be used anytime and anywhere with a woman, I am not talking about stroking their palms or touching their hair as this may creep them out. You could start off at say a party that involves dancing, drinking and could be the perfect place to start. Once you get to a level where you start addressing the women in the group by name, then you could start working your charm on them.

Starting with humour is usually a good idea, but noticing the reaction during the first few jokes is even more important. Start cracking a few jokes and watch their reaction. If they only smile, then back off. But if they break into peals of laughter or literally start rolling on the floor due to a combination of alcohol in their blood and your joke in their mind, then this could be your chance to make Kino work for you.

Start a high-five session after every hit joke that you crack. This move could be your entrance into the Kino world.

You could comment on a fabric that she is wearing, you could touch it and comment on how great this looks and feels. Another way you could do it is say she is being a bit cheeky and you are both having a bit of playful banter you could give her a bit of a touch on the shoulder and say something like "Well, we have a bit of a cheeky on here"

The seductive art of Kino will only work when you are naturally comfortable in touching women and are also capable of making the women comfortable in your presence, before you execute any move. If you are too nervous and have sweaty palms, then this move could simply backfire or be misinterpreted and the result would be contrary to what you expected. So, make the women first feel comfortable in your presence before using Kino to take you to the next level.


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