Wine Gadgets and Gizmos

Wine Gadgets and Gizmos

Several months ago a friend of mine was telling me about a new wine preservation gadget. He suggested that I try out the new Epicurean Preservation System (EPS). "My Vacu Vin works just fine," I insisted. Reluctantly, I moved forward with this challenge, wondering at that time why I was doing this. As a sommelier and wine writer, I am often asked to review wines and wine related products. Research is a key component to further wine education and any good written review, so I accepted my friends challenge.

I contacted the Epicurean International Company ( and before I knew it I was speaking with Anthony Lemme. I was the lucky recipient of a short seminar regarding the benefits of their Epicurean Preservation System versus the features of the Vacu Vin. According to Mr. Lemme and their companys research, "Our patent pending dual-action Roto-ciprocal EPS vacuum and pressure pump system is designed to preserve the optimum taste, color, and aroma of the wines and the sparkle of the finest champagnes up to 14 days longer than open bottles." I asked Anthony what is the number one sales point of the Epicurean Preservation System? "Our product is the first truly cost-effective wine preservation system that actually preserves the fizz in champagne. The Vacu Vin does not preserve the champagnes fizz," said Mr. Lemme. At the conclusion of my interview, we completed the order and within a few days an Epicurean Preservation System was delivered right to my PO Box.

Upon examining the Epicurean Preservation System, I was impressed by the portable, self contained design of this unit. The EPS unit when not in use it rests upright in an AC charger. Accompanying the wine preservation system are two types of bottle stoppers. One type is used for preserving still wines and the other is a specially designed bottle stopper used for preserving champagne or sparkling wines. The two EPS bottle stoppers used for still wines offer two functions: one is a basic bottle stopper and the other offers a functional pour spout in its design. The EPS champagne or sparkling wine bottle stopper is designed to screw onto a champagne bottle and maintain a high pressure charge.

The challenge begins! I am a huge fan of my Vacu Vin, and maybe up to the moment, the biggest challenge I was facing was my own personal bias in favor of my Vacu Vin. When I performed side by side comparisons between the Vacu Vin and the Epicurean Preservation System in preserving still wines, I was ultimately more impressed by the EPS. Both the Vacu Vin and the EPS both utilize rubber bottle stoppers, and both systems vacuum the air out of wine bottles effectively, but I observed some notable differences. I am 215 pounds, and with great effort, I can really crank down on a Vacu Vin in assuring a terrific vacuum. However, other people (i.e. seniors, smaller people, etc.) may not be able to create the same result with a Vacu Vin. With a flip of a switch and the press of a button, the Epicurean Preservation System does all of the work for you. The more I used the EPS, the greater my realization of just what a labor savings this EPS provides to its users. Regarding extending the duration and preservation of still wines, I found no difference between the EPS or Vacu Vin systems.

In side by side comparisons using both the Epicurean Preservation System and Vacu Vin to preserve champagnes or sparkling wines, there is absolutely no comparison. The EPS blows away the Vacu Vin! If the Vacu Vin system is used on a sparkling wine, and a vacuum is created then within a day or so the sparkling wine has lost all of its effervescence. At best, the Vacu Vin bottle stopper can be used without applying a vacuum, and the sparkling wines effervescence will last a few days. The Epicurean Preservation System has two switch settings, red for vacuum or blue for pressure charging, and with a 180 degree flip of the switch, the user can immediately switch from vacuuming a bottle to pressure charging a sparkling wine bottle. The EPS specially designed sparkling wine bottle stopper is screwed onto the sparkling wine bottle and the EPS unit is then attached to the bottle stopper. The bottle is charged within thirty seconds. Amazing! I can personally vouch for the EPS preservation of a sparkling wines effervescence for at least one week. Given the fact that most sparkling wines are usually consumed the day they are opened, the EPS easily preserves sparkling wines for at least a week. In vino veritas!

The Epicurean Preservation System is available to the trade only and costs approximately $300 dollars. EPS wins my vote of approval, and I have been using it religiously ever since.

Tom DiNardo is a licensed wine auctioneer and founder of DiNardo & Lord Auctioneers. He is also certified master wine appraiser, expert witness, and sommelier and wine educator. To contact Tom, please visit or call (888) 503-0828. © 2010 Tom DiNardo - All rights reserved.