How to tackle The Compressed Folder is invalid.. Zip error message

How to tackle The Compressed Folder is invalid.. Zip error message

WinZip is a popular compression application used to compress one or more files into a single container file. It creates a .zip file and is also needed to open or unzip the files from the zipped folder. But, like every other computer application, WinZip also has certain flaws. At times, you may face some issues while opening the compressed or zipped folder, which indicates corruption of the zipped folder. Few reasons behind its corruption could be virus, improper system shutdown, power failure, and more. Zip file corruption causes inaccessibility of data stored in it. But, you can still retrieve your data in the presence of a data backup file. However, if the backup is not present, then you will need to repair zip file using a third-party application.

Consider a situation - If you insert the compressed (zipped) folder in Microsoft Word or Word Pad and then try to open the compressed folder, the following error message appears:

"The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted."

In case, Microsoft Word has a security level setting of high or medium, you may come across the below error message while opening the compressed folder:

"You are about to activate an embedded object that may contain viruses or be otherwise harmful to your computer. It is important to be certain that it is from a trustworthy source. Do you want to continue?"

On clicking Yes in this error message, you again receive the former error message. As a result, the files stored in the zipped folder becomes inaccessible, leaving you at the verge of data loss.

The above error message mainly occurs due to corruption of the zip archive. In the above mentioned scenario, corruption of zip archive can occur due to two reasons:

It can occur if Word application has medium or high security level setting.
Corruption can also occur if the zip folder contains any virus infected file.

To resolve the above issues, you need to repair zip file using a powerful zip repair software. These applications employ highly innovative and influential scanning mechanism to repair and restore the corrupted zip file. Built with rich graphical user interface, these tools are easy to use and understand and hence do not require any prior technical skills.