How To Overcome A Sore Stiff Knee - The Lazy Mans Guide To Dealing With The Pain - Special Report
How To Overcome A Sore Stiff Knee - The Lazy Mans Guide To Dealing With The Pain - Special Report

How To Overcome A Sore Stiff Knee - The Lazy Mans Guide To Dealing With The Pain - Special Report

Do you have soreness or stiffness in your knees?

Hey, hopefully you are reading this article as a way to help out your friend who has knee pain, but chances are you are the one with the problem; right?

The issue we are all faced with is that rest does not always cut it. People can not just wish for their knee pain problems to always go away just with rest. They are generally signs of an undying condition or are a sign that you have over exerted your knees. When you first begin to experience such issues you will need to determine the origin of the stiffness and pain.

If you have not been doing anything out of the ordinary and have began to experience a sore, stiff knee, then you may have a medical problem for which you may need to seek the assistance of a trained physician.

Why Am I Suffering From a Sore Stiff Knee?

Thats a good question! - It could be due to several different factors.

For instance, if your knees are sore and stiff or pop and grind, then you could be suffering from patellofemoral syndrome, which is also more commonly known as "runners knee."

Patellofemoral syndrome involves the grinding of bone caused by a misaligned kneecap that grates over the thighbone. Often times the kneecap can sublux laterally due instability of the patella. Do not let the syndromes slang name, "runners knee" make you think that the syndrome is exclusive to athletes. Individuals who exert their knee through other means or are even "couch potatoes" can still be diagnosed with patellofemoral syndrome.

Tendonitis is another reason why people can complain of sore, stiff knees. This is an inflammation of the tendons that connect your kneecaps to your shinbones. Tendonitis can cause stiffness and soreness in the knees, making it very uncomfortable for the person who is dealing with it.

These are just a couple ways that you could be suffering from sore stiff knee discomfort. Actually, the stiff sensation that you may be feelin can simply be due to overuse.

How Can I Get Rid Of My Sore & Stiff Knee Pain?

There are a variety of medical related alternatives involving physical therapy and medications that could ease the stiffness in your knee (speak with your physician prior to taking any medications). However, the most common and effective treatments can usually be done from the convenience of your home.

Simple rest and elevation of the knees can increase blood flow and can likewise ease the pain from stiffness.

In addition, individuals who have worn a knee brace when first experiencing stiffness of the knees have reported that their stiffness subsided or had simply gone away. A support for your knee can help promote a healing environment for your knee. This is because it helps to support the internal structures of the knee and it also can help to maintain proper alignment of the knee. On top of that a knee brace costs pennies on the dollar and is one the simplest methods of putting an end to sore, stiff knee pain, especially compared to long term usage of pain medications or that of surgery.


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