How To Make A Spoon Knitting Machine

How To Make A Spoon Knitting Machine

Mankind is a lover of arts and crafts. There are many creative ideas that come out of our minds, like spoon knitting.

Spoon knitting is one of the products of human beings creative mind. Spoon knitting is enjoyed by kids. The reason, its very easy and creative.

Knitting is a form of art. It can be done in different forms and types. It is very enjoyable to do. People can refer to knitting books for information.These are some types of knitting.

1. Continental Knitting
2. Fair Isle Knitting
3. Intarsia Knitting
4. Patchwork Knitting

Spool knitting is one of the types of knitting. Spoon knitting is also called corking. It is one of the styles used to make a cord. Spoon knitting is joyful activity among kids because of its simplicity. Did you ever observe a spider while weaving its net? You can see a great resemblance between Spoon knitting and weaving. A child who is a nature lover can grasp it quickly. The insect works in a spiral form on his framework of radiating lines to create the net. Spiral knitting is also similar activity. Here we will see the steps of spoon knitting. It is not only an activity. Kids will result enjoying and growing as individuals . It is the simpler than toy knitting.

You can create many accessories, like circular mats, balls for babys, dolls muff, sweaters, hats, shawls, mufflers, school bags and teddy bears with spoon knitting machine. There are many books on spoon knitting which you can refer to learn more.

How to make a spoon knitting machine?

1. Take an empty wooden thread spool, or a cylinder of wool with a hole of diameter of 1/4 inches at its center

2. You have to hammer four nails around the hole at equal intervals. Keep in mind that nails should be without the heads.

3. Put the long thread out the hole and hold it with left hand.

4. You have to wind the yarn in a counterclockwise direction around each nail.

5. Now work in clockwise direction. Make the turn of the yarn around the outer edge of the next nail and lift the lower loop over the yarn and over the nail with the help of needle or small crochet hook.

6. You can form a tabular cord by working around each nail in a continuous circle.

7. you have to pass each loop over next nail, in a clockwise direction. In this way you will bind off.

8. You have to pass the end through of the last loop, when one loop remains cut off yarn. Pull it firmly.

Today is a world of machines. Spoon knitting is done by machines. These machines can give you different fashion items, like belts, butterflys, bracelets and more. It is easy to handle and operate even for small kids. What you have to do, is just turn the handle of threading the machine with any yarn. It includes four spools of thread, and heart shaped weight. Read the instructions carefully.

Thus spoon knitting is a great activity to do.

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