Clicking and Popping Jaw Signs of TMJ Disorder and How to Fix It
Clicking and Popping Jaw Signs of TMJ Disorder and How to Fix It

Clicking and Popping Jaw Signs of TMJ Disorder and How to Fix It

It is estimated that over 10 million people in the United States suffer from issues related to the jaw joint, or TMJ. The majority of U.S. patients seeking treatment for TMJ problems are women in their child-bearing years.

Although problems with the jaw joint are often referred to as TMJ, the acronym TMJ stands for TemporoMandibular Joint and it refers to the joint itself, not the disorder. Medical professionals tend to identify jaw joint problems as TMJ disorder, or TMD.

The symptoms of TMD can vary. Although jaw pain is a common symptom, not all patients suffering from TMD experience it. Common symptoms of TMJ disorder are:
* jaw pain
* clicking/popping of the jaw joint
* inability to easily open mouth
* migraine headaches
* neck pain
* shoulder pain
* back pain
* locking of jaw
* facial swelling
* misaligned bite
*uncomfortable bite
* earache
* ringing in ears / hearing problems
* dizziness
* vision problems

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms (or combination of the symptoms), you may be suffering from TMJ Disorder. There are home remedies for TMJ issues, including applying heat or ice, eating soft food, and not overextending the jaw (as in a yawn). However, it is important to seek medical advice for TMD, since in some cases these treatments can make the symptoms worse, not better.

There are several types of medical professionals who can assist you with TMJ disorder. Many people visit their primary care physician to deal with TMD. However, depending on your doctors specialty, you may be sent to a specialist, a chiropractor, or a dentist. Dental professionals can be very helpful in dealing with TMD; however, it is important that the dentist is trained in neuromuscular dentistry, which is the treatment of jaw alignment problems. Dont let your jaw pain and other symptoms continue, seek professional treatment today.

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