How to Get Fit Using A Treadmill
How to Get Fit Using A Treadmill

How to Get Fit Using A Treadmill

Every year many of us plan to get fit using a treadmill. We buy the equipment in January but by April many of those good intentions have fallen by the wayside. Here are some tips to ensure that this time you stick to your plan and actually achieve the results you desire.

One of the most important things that you can do is to write down your goals. Do you want to get fit for a particular deadline? This may be a wedding, running a 5km race or fitting into a new swimsuit in the summer. Write down your goal somewhere prominent such as on the door of your fridge or above your computer.

Take some measurements of the way you are now. These can include your resting heart rate, your weight and measurements around your waist. You could also take a quick photograph of yourself as a before shot.

As you progress on your exercise program you can take weekly measurements and check on your improvement. It is a great motivating factor to find out that you have lost a couple of pounds. This can encourage you to continue with exercising on your treadmill.

If you achieve one of your goals give yourself a treat - but not food! You could treat yourself to a new piece of clothing or a treatment at a health spa or beauty parlor.

In addition to working out on your treadmill, you should also make a healthy lifestyle plan. This can include eating more healthy food and drinking sufficient water. A healthier lifestyle will make it easier to achieve your goals.

By following these tips you will be well on the way to getting the best results from your exercise equipment. Like many things in life, having a plan is the way to success. If you want to get fit using a treadmill, you should set your health goals and monitor your progress.

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