Persuasive Speech Topics
Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Topics

You probably had no trouble developing persuasive speech topics as a kid. Speech topics such as, "How Increasing My Allowance Will Benefit Family Harmony," and "Why Teenagers Need A Flexible Curfew" were no doubt just a few of the persuasive speeches you polished to perfection.

Having Persuasive Speech Topics Can Deactivate Podium Panic

But as an adult, giving a persuasive speech ranks right up there with fear of death. Even if youve been programmed for the podium since childhood. My grandfather was captain of his school debate team. His yearbook motto, "On argument alone, my faith is built," informed his life. He once carried a sack onto the stage, announced, "Now Im gonna spill the beans!" and emptied the bag of beans down the aisle.

No stage fright in my paternal lineage, thats for sure. Youd think stepping out before hundreds would be easy for me. Ha! I couldve used a few persuasive speech topics to deactivate my terror.

Persuasive Speech Topics Start With The Talks Purpose

Sometimes persuasive speech topics are obvious. Maybe youre running for local office and need to persuade the towns residents to vote for you. Or a nuclear power plant is about to be built in your city. Your speech topic might be, "How Nuclear Radiation Will Affect Your Health." This would be an informative speech thats also persuasive. Or lets say its your in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. Clearly, time for a special occasion speech.

Choose Topics Based On What You Love-and Your Audience


persuasive speech topics

by considering whats closest to your heart-and what type of audience you wish to reach. For instance, my life work focuses on personal and collective evolution. Depending on whether Im addressing a Rotary Club, a new-thought church, a business or a health spa, my persuasive speech topics might be building a visionary business, creating conscious relationships, high-level wellness or spiritual development. Sometimes the topics can overlap audiences, which is especially helpful if youre called on to give an impromptu speech!

Terrific Titles Animate Persuasive Speech Topics

A fabulous title will get people interested in hearing what you have to say. Theyll be "warmed up" before you ever get on stage, receptive to your persuasive speech. Topics that weave humor into the title and talk also make them more memorable. For example, my relationship speech uses the metaphor of blackberry picking. I call it, "Blackberry Love: Picking the Relationship Thats Ripe for You." Once they hear the topic title, people are intrigued.

Similarly, one of my business persuasive speech topics is, "Renewable Y-O-U: Nine Practical Tools to Disembark the Stress Express". Since everybody can relate to having too much stress in their lives at one time or another, the audience is eager to discover how to get off that train and into relaxation. This is also an example of an "overlap" topic: it will work equally well in a business environment and a health club.

Brainstorming Persuasive Speech Topics

So, how can you create persuasive speech topics of your own? The trick is taking what you know, and seeing it in a broader context.

Lets say youre a marketing manager at a mid-size company. Do you know the secret to creating buzz around a new product? Are you an expert on the 4 Ps of marketing: product, placement, promotion, price? Can you teach people to apply those same attributes to package, promote, price and place themselves correctly in the marketplace for a better job, or in order to initiate a career change? Turning your expertise into "how-tos" for others creates instant persuasive speech topics.

Youre More Of An Expert Than You Realize!

You are definitely expert in at least one area, and probably in dozens. If youre a mother, you might develop a personal narrative speech on child rearing and incorporate humor along the lines of writer Dave Barry. Persuasive speech topics on parenting are almost guaranteed to be very funny, because kids are funny-just like life.