How to Deal With Dog Food Aggression
How to Deal With Dog Food Aggression

How to Deal With Dog Food Aggression

If your dog growls or snarls whenever you or another dog approach him in the presence of food , your dog may be exhibiting signs of dog food aggression.

This is a potentially serious form of dog aggression but is one that can be controlled with proper dog behavior modification techniques. Once accomplished your dog will be happier and safe from the unwanted consequences of aggressive behavior toward humans or other dogs.

If you believe that dog food aggression is evident in your dogs behavior you should initially take him for a visit to the veterinarian. There are some medical conditions that can provoke this type of behavior in dogs.

Once cleared of any medical predisposition to aggressive behavior in the presence of food, you can move on to identifying the root cause of food aggression in your dog.
Dogs will exhibit food aggression, which is a form of dominant dog behavior, for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few common causes.

• Your dog may be insecure and believe that this bowl of food is the last bowl of food he will see for awhile.

• Your dog may need socializing to learn how to relate to humans and other dogs.

• Your dog may be lacking in exercise which is provoking excitability and a form of nervous dog aggression.

• Your dog may have suffered from abuse. This is a common problem with adopted and rescue dogs.

To determine the exact cause of food aggression in your dog you may want to consult with a qualified dog behavior specialist.

Some dog behavior specialists believe that you can address almost any dog behavior issue including dog food aggression by following a few simple techniques.

Initially, you should give the dog sufficient exercise to relieve pent up energy.

The next step is discipline which involves rewarding positive behavior in your dog, but not by hurting your dog as punishment, in any way .

Dog owners that use physical punishment are not only inhumane but are also promoting and escalating the dog food aggression to an even higher and potentially more serious and dangerous level.

Lastly you would re-establish yourself as the dominant leader of the pack in your household. One way to do this is to have the dog wait for his food until you have completely finished eating.

In summary, dog aggression to food may be caused any medical ot behavioral issues. Once identified, you can work to resolve this type of dog aggression using proper and humane dog training techniques.

If in doubt, consult your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer or dog behavioral specialist. Dont wait for the condition to escalate . And make sure that you never punish dog aggression by hitting or striking your dog. This will only make the condition worse, more difficult to modify and is unacceptable. Your dog deserves your love, affection and leadership. Take the proper steps today to correct dog aggression and you and your dog will both be happier.

Dog food aggression is only one of many types of dog aggression and dog brehavior issues that can be modified to help you live a happier life with your dog. For more information visit at

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