How to Cook Fresh Polish Sausage
How to Cook Fresh Polish Sausage

How to Cook Fresh Polish Sausage

Polish sausage is one of the types of sausages that are commonly used in dishes that originated in North America as well as Eastern Europe. The cold cuts add savory taste to special delicacies and side dishes. Learning how to cook fresh Polish sausage is easy. Below are some of the most famous recipes that use the sausage as main ingredients.

Sausage Soup
If you want to serve an aromatic and tasty appetizer, then you can try preparing and cooking this special soup. The ingredients in this delectable starter include a pound of fresh Polish sausage soup, two teaspoons bacon fat, six cups beef broth, 12 ounces beer and a cup of chopped onions. To improve the flavor of the dish, you can add 16 ounces sauerkraut and 16 ounces diced tomatoes. Do not forget to include two tablespoons brown sugar, a teaspoon of crushed red pepper as well as three cups of diced potatoes.

Heat bacon fat on a skillet and cook onion for two minutes. Add the beer, broth, tomatoes, sauerkraut, red pepper flakes and brown sugar. Wait for the mixture to boil. Transfer the mixture in a saucepan. Cook for an hour. Add the meats and potatoes. Cover the pan and cook for half hour. Serve immediately.

Polish Sausage Casserole
In the recipe, you will need six fresh Polish sausages, a can of sauerkraut, a cup of sliced potatoes and two tablespoons butter. For seasoning, include ¼ tablespoon salt, ¼ tablespoon pepper, ¼ tablespoon paprika, ½ teaspoon caraway seed and ¼ cayenne pepper.

Pour half cup of water in a pan. Place the pan over medium heat and put the meat in the skillet. Cook for five minutes and drain excess water. Slice the sausages into several portions. Transfer the cooked meats on a baking dish. Add the remaining ingredients except the butter. Spread butter on the meats. Arrange the potatoes on the dish. Place the baking dish in an oven that was preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook for an hour.

Grilled Sausage
This recipe contains a pound of fresh Polish sausage, a cup of barbecue sauce, 1/3 cup water and four tablespoons butter. In addition, it also includes ½ cup sliced bell pepper, a medium size onion as well as two teaspoons Worcestershire sauce.

Place the meats on a grill. Cook for ten minutes, five minutes on each side. Put the remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix. Heat the sauce for 15 minutes. Pour the sauce on a pan and add the cooked meats. Place the pan on the grill and cook for 15 minutes.