How Hot Women Test Men They Date and Why - Part 1

How Hot Women Test Men They Date and Why - Part 1

In my opinion, most women, especially the hotties, have gone through a learning curve here in our western culture that has on average given them a sort of predictable psychological makeup. Now, there are differences between these women... some are smart, some are not... some are tall, some are short... some are cerebral, some are physical... etc. etc. etc... but there are things that most of them have in common. Ive made a study of these things... because this is what interests me.

At some point in their lives, hotties began to be treated differently because they were attractive. I mentioned the social psychology concept earlier called The Halo Effect. Simply stated, attractive people are assumed to be smarter, more honest, more trustworthy, etc. than others. The fact that people do whatever the hottie wants begins to blur their sense of reality and makes them believe that they can have whatever they want whenever they want it... AND THATS JUST THE WAY LIFE IS. (This applies in general.)

Youll notice that many super-hotties will throw tantrums if they dont like whats going on or arent getting their way... this is a sure sign that they are not living in the same reality as most people... when they dont get what they want, they get upset because this has worked since they were little...

Now, on a subconscious level, Ive noticed that most hot women realize that they are being ridiculous when they act like bitches, throw tantrums, etc. but it doesnt really matter because it still WORKS for them when they want what they want... are you with me?

Underneath all of this behavior, they are still FEMALE and they are looking for what other females are also looking for...

What are women looking for?

Well, for the record, I have no idea. After 30 years of studying people, Freud said that there was one question that he didnt have the answer to... "What do women want?" Nice.

BUT, heres my take on it: First and foremost, they want a man who is in CONTROL (of the situation, himself, his emotions, other people, her... control of the entire reality that they share).

Let me ask you, if you were a woman who wanted to test a man to see if he will stay in control, how would you do it? Would you ask the man, "If I get out of hand, will you spank me and put me in my place?"


So they test us by CHALLENGING us to see if well stay in control. The reason I do all of this "Never give a woman a direct answer... unless its NO... Never give a woman exactly what she wants..." etc. is, ironically, to give her what she REALLY wants... a man whos in control. Women want a challenge. Think romance novel themes... if you dont know what Im talking about, sit yourself down for a week and read Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women by Jayne Krentz... How to Succeed With Women By Being A Jerk by F.J. Shark... Endless Rapture by Helen Hazen... and Bad Boys by Margie Palatini... and think about it.

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