Hiring a Fire Damage Restoration Contractor: The Basics

Hiring a Fire Damage Restoration Contractor: The Basics

After a home has been damaged by fire, even in a small or isolated part of the house, the first thing that comes to homeowners minds is that their home would never return to its original condition right before the disaster. Walls and ceiling could be burnt and cabinets, furniture and other surfaces stained and smoldered with black ash. In the wake of such a disaster, the immediate action that homeowners would want to do would be to hire a fire damage restoration contractor to rebuild the damaged portions of the house and try to restore it back to original conditions. However, making a hasty decision in choosing a contractor can add up to your woes, particularly if you failed to hire a good one.

In such cases you need to be aware of what to look for and how to hire a good fire damage restoration contractor. Too much haste in your selection could definitely come to waste so it would be wise to follow these basics.

* Search for Reputable Contractors

Some unscrupulous individuals thrive in the misfortune of others. These people might come to your doorsteps offering you their services. Scammers might take your money for supplies then leave you in a bind afterwards. Some may actually do some work but may do a substandard job of it that you would be better having no repairs made. Check for their licenses and obtain information about their business tax numbers so you can track them down later on. If you are doubtful then follow your instincts and do not hire.

* Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Look for certified fire damage restoration contractors in your locality by going through local phonebooks or searching online. There may be several contractors to choose from so it would be great to earn more about each contractor for the best deals before committing to one.

* The Contractors Capability

Fire damage restoration is not a simple task. The contractors should have modern and adequate equipments and processes plus the know-how and the technicians to properly use these machines and tools. Check out their experience in this field and how long they have been in business. Check for references and previous customers to know the type of jobs and workmanship these contractors have.

* Put It in Writing

In any business transaction, even in services offered, it would be wise to have a legal and fully notarized contract. Keep copies of records, receipt and other related documents for future reference. Get in touch with your insurance company and government agencies like the American Red Cross to check in your chosen contractor have no previous record of fraud or complaints.

* Cost

Once you have chosen your contractor, work with them on the total cost for the fire damage restoration job. They could give good estimates by having an ocular inspection of the site. They should give you a detailed checklist of activities that they will do and the corresponding costs for these activities.

Finding the best fire damage restoration contractor for your needs can be achieved through several different ways. Follow these basic steps in searching for them and you should learn everything you can about a contractor before finalizing in hiring them.
Leo Nov is an editorial staff member of RestorationSOS.com, a leading service provider for water damage restoration. To learn more about Fire Damage Cleanup" and Fire Damage Restoration, visit RestorationSOS.com.