Get a Woman Back Even After She Thinks You Are a Jerk

Get a Woman Back Even After She Thinks You Are a Jerk

You may not deserve the woman you are trying to get back. Maybe you were a jerk to her and now she dumped you, or you have dumped her only to realize you were a jerk. That may not be something you want to hear but it could very well be the truth. But the good news is this. If you recognized that you were a jerk and would now like to change in order to get a woman back you still may be able to. First you will have to be willing to change and you have to find out why a woman would want a jerk like you back. When you figure that out then you can get a woman back.

It will be hard to make a come back from being a jerk to your woman. You will have to really change. Read on to find out what you need to do to get a woman back after being a jerk. Put these into practice and you will see results.

Change how you view women

Women should not be property in your mind. View them as people just like you, deserving respect. Give them the respect they need and crave and you might have a good chance of not being looked at as a jerk. Respect is one of the biggest aspects of love.

Change how you treat women

I know this is hard when you have been a jerk but be a gentleman and treat your woman like a queen. Dont act weird and be foolish about it, but make it subtle. She will know you are faking it if you arent subtle. Women pick up on acting fake quickly, or their friends do. You want to be credible to have a better chance of getting a woman back.

Learn humility

Dont be afraid to be humiliated. Dont be so proud that you cant lower yourself to be a gentleman at times or treat your woman better than you treat yourself.

Tell your woman you were a jerk

Let your ex girlfriend know that you realize you were a jerk. If she agrees dont get mad and snap back at her. Accept what she says and realize that even if she exaggerates how much you were a jerk, you will need to be quiet and just take it. To her you may have seemed more of a jerk than you seemed to yourself.

Does she still need space?

Find out, however you can, if your ex girlfriend needs space or if she is expecting you to come crawling back. What ever it turns out to be just do it! It may be hard at first but that is what you will need to do to get a woman back in this case. She may come to think that your efforts are worth her potentially taking you back.

Convince her friends

Thats right! You need to convince her friends that you are no longer a jerk. If you can win her friends back you have won half the battle of getting a woman back. Women talk to each other a lot. You may try to get the ex back first, without her friends, but her friends may convince her otherwise. That is why you need to gain the trust of her friends in order to get a woman back.

Get a woman back by showing her your change

We dont mean the change in your pocket. You can speak all the words you want to the ex girlfriend, but until you demonstrate through your actions that you have changed she wont really believe you have.

The long term problem

Are you going to be able to keep this up in the long term. You have to want to change from being a jerk permanently in order to get a woman back. If you dont think you can than you may be doomed to potential failure with a smaller chance of getting her back.

You can learn more about overcoming the jerk stage and how to get a woman back using the resources at Get a Woman Back. More saving a relationship or marriage information is at Save My Relationship. The author, Mark D. Jordan is a writer and researcher from Pennsylvania.