Futsal - Learn it!

Futsal - Learn it!

The world famous and accomplished soccer player, Ronaldo of Real Madrid, described his Futebol De Salao play as a life experience that taught him his masterful ball control techniques. The Brazilian superstar was an average player until, at age 12, he embraced Futsal and worked on developing the skills the game requires.

Americans like to think of Futsal as a new game but the 50-year old sport has been a valuable part of most professional soccer players resumes for many years. In fact, futsal is the only indoor game sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

Futsal emphasizes the players foot skills and ball control skills while forcing defensive players to face up, fill the holes and cover aggressively. Offensive players must find hard-to-accomplish open spaces on the field, which is about the size of a basketball court.

US National team star, Landon Donovan, is a strong supporter of the sport. "As a kid, you need to touch the ball as much as you can. You should always be with the ball. You should have a feeling that wherever the ball is, you can do anything with it. No matter where it is, where it is on your body, how its spinning, how it is coming at you, the speed its coming at you, anything. You can learn the tactical side of the game later. Its amazing to me that people put so much emphasis on trying to be tactical and worry about winning when it doesnt matter when youre 12 years old. Were going to have big, strong, fast players. Were Americans, were athletes. But, if we never learn at any early age to be good on the ball, then its just useless."

Donovans ringing endorsement typifies the sentiments of experienced players and coaches alike. Futsal is where the future lies for American soccer players. For students of the game who are serious about their game, futsal will help develop those absolutely skills and techniques that can jumpstart any players performance.

Along with the booming popularity of the sport, futsal academies have emerged on all continents. Especially popular throughout South America and in Europe, the increased interest in U.S. soccer has led to the opening of many futsal training centers and the formulation of a national league. There is a strong move underway to add futsal to the Olympic roster of events.

The United States is blessed with many strong academies and futsal learning centers. Below are a few of the games most recognized academies:

- The Wi Academy - in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Wi Academy has leagues in a host of neighboring cities.
- The Denison Cabral Futsal Academy of Maryland - provides training and play for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Experienced coaching is at the core of this program.
- The Quad Cities League - in Minnesota is a relatively new league and sanctioned by FIFA. Leagues are established for players of all ages, including co-ed play, and all levels of experience.
- The Seattle Futsal Academy - this new academy is dedicated to bringing the thrills and skills of the sport to Seattle. Since its inception, the academy has been heavily subscribed.
- The New England Futsal Academy - launched in 2004 by club president William Sampaio, the league was an immediate success. With four years under its belt, the league continues to grow and expand its teaching curriculum. This is one of the largest leagues in the country.

There are many other futsal academies in the U.S. For children, teenagers and adults who want to take their soccer skills to the next level, futsal is a fun, exciting way to advance. One season of futsal will lead to another and yield surprising results in the soccer filed. Soon, it will be impossible to find great American players who have not experienced futsal.At Inside Soccer we emphasis soccer videos presented in video, drills and tips. With world-class content well help you coach, consistent with your beliefs and philosophy or play with confidence. Visit online for more information.