Foot, Leg, And Back Pain While Standing How To Overcome Them
Foot, Leg, And Back Pain While Standing How To Overcome Them

Foot, Leg, And Back Pain While Standing How To Overcome Them

If you experience foot, leg and back pain whle standing for long periods of time, then youll like to know what treatment options are available. That is why this writing is so important, in this discussion Ill cover treatment options I have discovered; in hopes of enriching the readers lives and promoting promise of good health.

If you feel trapped inside your body because of foot,leg, and back pain while standing; and the pain makes you feel as if you are walking in complete darkness and uncertainty then this article is a timely one. Dont be dealt a fatal blow, research has proven this type of pain will affect concentration, willingness to work, and attitude, which can cause anger and lead to other injuries.

The problem in many cases stems from businesses having concrete flooring and many times there is little or no padding which means there is no shock absorbency. When there are long standing requirements the problem becomes obvious; according to a report by the American Podiatric Medical Association; 83% of the U.S. industrial workers have foot or lower leg problems.

If we wish for a positive outcome lets first understand leg pain causes. When a person stands for a long period of time the blood supply decreases in the lower extremities causing muscle fatigue and soreness. Ironically standing causes an accumalation of blood in certain areas of the feet and legs leading to a condition called vericosed veins; when the veins are vericosed they are irrated and inflamed.

When there is pain a rescue is needed from a desperate or hopeless situation, one tactic used to combat foot, leg, and back pain while standing is to add anti-fatigue mattings to standing workstations. Mats motivate workers by decreasing stress on the feet and legs. These mats are made of rubber, carpet, vinyl, or wood.

Because people arent made of wood. Foot, leg, and back pain while standing gives anti-fatigue insoles an higher purpose in relieving pain. By absorbing the shock insoles will prevent the ware and tear on bone joints and bone structure . We also need to be aware of the types of insoles. There are different insoles used for various leg, feet, and back problems. If you have flat feet, use an arch support insole that will provide an arch build-up on the inside of foot gear. Now supposing that you have high arches, in a case such as this you will not need an insole with arch support, instead using a flat cushiony insole will be more beneficial.

Get Your Foot In The Door With Quality Stretching

Another great idea if you have foot, leg, and back pain while standing, is to start a home therapy program maybe for thirty minutes or more including preventative stretching, icing and elevation.

These exercises are also good for sore feet and heel pain (stretching is also good for back pains).

I cannot stress enough the importance of proper foot care and proper daily stretching. If you are going to be standing stationary or mobile, for a long period of time such as when at work, you should properly prepare your feet each day. Here Ill give an example of quality stretching:

* Roll a 12-ounce can under the arch of each foot for five minutes.
* Pick up a towel 30 times using only the toes.
* If youll try stretching by leaning against a wall with one knee bent and the other leg straight behind you the rewards will be great. Also try this exercise with both feet flat on the ground(or floor if inside).

These exercises will stretch the supporting muscles and tendons in the feet... its important to warm them each day to prevent strain and inflammation that can lead to injuries or possibly foot surgery. Also leg messagers will improve circulation & ease leg pain symptoms.

Lets not exclude posture back problems, good posture will benefit the neck and spine. Bad posture will put undue strain on the back and neck. Bad posture will cause neck strain, low back pain, plus carpal tunnel.

We have just had a discussion on relieving feet, leg, and back pain while standing. Now that you know how to end the struggle with pain, follow the tips and advice given. A brighter future is now possible; we all can lead more rewarding and promising lives. Look for more articles by me on pain, symptoms, and treatment,