Foods that Cause Kidney Stones - Moderation is the Key

Foods that Cause Kidney Stones - Moderation is the Key

Although genetic traits also lead to kidney stone disorders in rare occasions, diets still play a big role in forming these unwanted stones in our kidneys. It is then a good proposition to be educated on what these food groups are, in order to manage and control or possibly eliminate these foods that cause kidney stones from our daily diet.

The treatment of kidney stones disorder is not a one-time deal since people who have been afflicted by this, have to contend with possible recurrence. Hence, a major part of the treatment process also focuses on preventing kidney stones from re-emerging in our renal system. The best way to do this is to likewise focus our attention to the foods that cause kidney stones.

Other Preventive Measures

Aside from controlling the groups of food that promote the formation of kidney stones, there are certain dietary habits we should also consider to promote a healthy lifestyle:

• Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day to help wash out the insoluble salts or oxalates from of our renal system, before they get to form as kidney stones.

• Including foods rich in insoluble fibers in our diet; these are the indigestible parts of plants.Insoluble fibers often found in wheat, rye, barley or rice help reduce calcium in our urine. This is because the insoluble fibers combine with calcium while still in the intestines. Calcium now is excreted by way of stool instead of urine thus avoiding passage through our renal organs.

However, as the treatment for each type of kidney stone varies, your doctor has to determine the mineral composition for purposes of identifying the medical circumstances involved. Preventive treatments may either be through drug prescriptions or a change in diet; often times, it is a combination of both.

Here are some of the foods you should regulate in preventing kidney stones from forming or re-forming in your renal system. They are classified into food groups to easily identify the minerals you need to avoid in case you are suffering or have suffered from kidney stones disorder:

Foods that are High in Oxalate

Oxalates are insoluble salt forms derived from foods rich in oxalic acids. Most researches show that oxalate or oxalic acids are potential risks in forming kidney stones. When oxalates combine with calcium, the merger between these two components form kidney stones. They are small shingles that form either in the kidney or in the bladder.

If these stones are tiny enough, they will pass out of the body without being detected. However, if these substances become too large, they can cause too much pain, since they block the urine flow, and sometimes resulting to severe urinary tract infection.

Example of foods which are high in oxalate: beans, beer, beets, chocolate, coffee, eggplant, green bell pepper, white corn, leeks, nuts, okra and a lot more.

Foods Rich in Sodium

High consumption of sodium may also pose threat to formation of kidney stones. Salt and other sodium compositions in food ingredients may contribute to high amount of calcium excreted to the urine.

Foods Rich in Protein

Too much intake of protein-rich foods may also contribute to increasing calcium in the urine. Thus, this food group should be controlled or limited in your daily diet. Some protein-rich sources are: milk and other dairy, soy foods, eggs, peanut butter, lean meats, fish, and poultry, beans, and the likes.

Foods Rich in Sugar

Large amount of sugar may also increase the tendency of producing calcium oxalate stones. It would be wise to decrease sugar intake in meals.

Remember that our body still needs the right amount of each of the food groups for proper system balance. Hence, it should not be misconstrued that the above mentioned foods are not to be eaten at all. However, having enough concern for our own welfare includes the mature awareness that we should not take more than what our body requires since most of them are foods that cause kidney stones.

It is not bad to partake of these foods once in a while, as long as we take it in accordance with what we call a healthy diet.

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