Fish Bowl Marketing To Generate Endless Leads

Fish Bowl Marketing To Generate Endless Leads

Fish Bowl Marketing allows you to get hundreds of leads, even thousands of leads. How is this possible? Quiet simply, first you need to locate a restaurant that caters to your target demographics (i.e. business professionals). Then walk into the restaurant or cafe and ask to speak with the owner.

Many restaurants have a glass fish bowl by the cash register where people can drop in their business cards. They can be found in coffee shops, some chain restaurants, etc... Some business establishments use a fish bowl because they would like the business person to try to win a free lunch or dinner at the restaurant in a weekly drawing. This results in repeat business.

If the restaurant doesnt have a fish bowl, all you need to do is gain permission to start your own fish bowl lead generation system. Once you get permission, create a sign that says "Win a Free Lunch". Then, create entry forms that say: "Win a free lunch. All you have to do is finish the sentence I hate my job because... An easier route is to ask them to drop their business card into the fish bowl as it already has their contact details neatly typed. Make sure that your sign looks professional and eye- catching.

Each week, pull out a winner and notify them then by email or with a call that they won the free lunch and when they can cash it in. For everyone who didnt win, you can send them an email that notifies them that though they are not the winner, they did win second place and will get a consolation prize. What to give them? It is up to you... Maybe it can be a brochure, a newsletter about the power of residual income, a free product sample from your company, etc.

Make sure you also tell them to reply with a confirmation mailing address so they can get their free item and also so they can be entered in next weeks drawing. You then would send the free item to the people who respond to your email and enter them into the next weeks drawing (for those who respond). Continue to do this until everyone has received a free lunch.

Now, what is known about prospects who leave their cards and participate?

1) They are in a rat race and currently suffer through a 9-5 job, some commute long hours, and they know the disadvantages and lack of financial independence a job offers.
2) The prospect have some extra income because they buy their lunches instead of taking them to work in a lunch bag. This income could be redirected to building a part-time business from home. Buying lunches can get expensive. Purchasing twenty a month could easily cost about $150. This money could be used to invest in a business.
3) The prospects have regular jobs that pay their monthly bills. So, it is not likely they are in desperate need of money, and can afford to patiently build a network marketing business.

Writing to the participants instead of calling them can be powerful. This is because if you as a networker writes to them, you will only hear back from those who are interested, positive, and motivated to do something. You as a networker wont have to listen to excuses and a lack of belief from those who are not qualified, allowing you to focus on building your business.

As you can see, you can use this technique many times over. Even better, it is an inexpensive way to build a massive list of leads, and do so locally without paying ridiculous fees to lead generation companies. Plus, you will come into contact with some great people and build your business rapidly. Choose a few business establishments and begin to grow your business today!

Author Bio: Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Ozlat is no stranger to being involved with hyper-growth business opportunities. Joining the Vemma and Verve opportunity early in 2008, Ozlat was a founding member and pioneer of the Australian movement, and is well on his way to reaching the top position in the company. To learn more about the techniques Ozlat and his team of successful distributors at Energy Cans use, please visit the Educational Section on the team blog.