Famous Nose Jobs in Hollywood and Some Famous Noses You Might Not Have Known About

Famous Nose Jobs in Hollywood and Some Famous Noses You Might Not Have Known About

People choose to have rhinoplasty (nose job) for various reasons. Some may be looking to fix a deviated septum that has caused breathing difficulties. Many reasons are purely aesthetic. One things for sure...if someone in Hollywood gets rhinoplasty, it ends up being front page news. Here are just a few celebs who have decided to take the plunge and get the nose theyve always wanted.


To many, Jennifer Aniston is the perfect girl, but that didnt stop her from having a nose job. While mainly done for structural purposes (deviated septum), you can see a slight change aesthetically as well. The results look completely natural, and she hasnt skipped a beat as an award-winning actress on TV and the silver screen.


The young newcomer in the High School Musical film series, Ashley Tisdale underwent rhinoplasty in 2007. With a huge spotlight on her acting career, the media jumped all over her cosmetic surgery procedure. While also needing the surgery for health-related reasons, Ashley was completely upfront with the media and her fans about the procedure and hasnt regretted it at all!


Another Ashlee is the subject of the big celeb rhinoplasty debate as well. People were shocked when the singer/songwriter debuted her new look, which perfectly compliments her beautiful face. For once, the media was focusing on her features, instead of her marriage to Fall Out Boys Pete Wentz or her life as the little sister of Jessica Simpson.


Actress Halle Berry is beautiful inside and out, and many cant even tell that she, too, has had a nose job! After her nose reshaping, her natural beauty shines through and its hard to believe thats a surgically enhanced nose on the Oscar-winning actress!


The ladies of Hollywood arent the only celebrities who are suspected of having rhinoplasty. Charlie Sheen, Matt Dillon, and yes, even Tom Cruise are all rumored to have had work done to improve the appearance of their noses.

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