Fabroc - A new Intelligent Fabric that Keeps you Warm
Fabroc - A new Intelligent Fabric that Keeps you Warm

Fabroc - A new Intelligent Fabric that Keeps you Warm

Protection from the elements is one of the fundamental necessities in life. Exposure to extreme temperatures can be deadly and every year there is an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts who succumb to extreme weather. New technologies are addressing this problem by devising heated clothing. Fabroc is one of these new technologies -- a polymer-based material which can be made into a variety of clothing.

Fabroc uses electric current supplied by a power source such as a lithium-ion battery to produce heat. It is flexible, waterproof, windproof, and stretchable. It has a number of practical applications including heated clothing for outdoor use, an alternative source of household heat during periods of inactivity, industrial battery heaters, and patient heating during surgical procedures.

Fabroc is a self-regulating heating material because as its temperature rises, the resistance of Fabroc increases, which means it draws less power and produces less heat. Conversely, when the temperature drops, Fabroc draws more power and produces more heat.

It is the perfect material for clothing because it produces uniform heat over the entire surface. Unlike other heating sources, Fabroc does not produce hotspots. The heat produced can be finely controlled so it is a safe fabric to use for any application.

Because Fabroc can be used to generate heat over a large area, it can be used for many different types of clothing as well as heating pads for beds, saddle heaters for horse riding, ski boot liners, heated gloves, and military applications.

Fabroc is lightweight, flexible, and strong. It can be powered by a number of sources including lithium-ion batteries, AC wall adapters, DC adapters, or solar power sources. It can operate on very low voltages and a small battery can provide up to six hours of heat on one charge.

Fabroc is currently being used for outdoor clothing of all types including underwater wetsuits for deep-sea use.

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