Er Long Zuo Ci Pill for tinnitus and deafness
Er Long Zuo Ci Pill for tinnitus and deafness

Er Long Zuo Ci Pill for tinnitus and deafness

Er Long Zuo Ci Pill is considered a very effective herbal medicine. This is a medicine originated in China but today popular through out the world. It is meant for the treatment of deafness and tinnitus. In addition, it also promotes liver yin and reduces the yang in the body. The Chinese herbal therapists for the treatment of dizziness also recommend it. Besides ears, it is also good for eyes and improves the eyesight of a person.

It is believed to offer no side effects but it is best to intake the dosage of it after consulting the therapist. The constituents that are used in the formation of Er Long Zuo Ci Pill comprises of Fossilized bone, Corni, Rehmannia, Moutan, Poria, Dioscorea, Bupleurum and Alismatis.

In all these, fossilized bone is recognized to be the most significant ingredient. It is an herb used for the treatment of depression and insomnia. It is a recognized medicine for curing tinnitus and believed to be fruitful for the kidneys. Further, it also cures the inflammation occurring in the liver.

The second ingredient of Er Long Zuo Ci Pill is Corni. It delivers remedial cures for the hearing problems. In addition to it, it is also antibiotic in nature. It is also a constituent in the medicines meant for the treatment of hypertension, frequent urination, chronic back pain and excessive bleeding during the periods of menstruation.

Next constituent of Er Long Zuo Ci Pill is Rehmannia. Like other elements, it is also highly advantageous to the body. It is a highly demanded and plays the role of a ingredient in a large number of Chinese medicines. It provides relief from fatigue and helps in combating anemia. It has the capability to heal the injuries very soon. Rehmannia strengthens several organs of the body including the heart, liver and kidneys. It regulates blood pressure in the body and is useful for the patients suffering diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Now comes the turn of Moutan. It deals with nourishing and purifying the blood. It relieves spasm and soothes the liver. Moutan replenishes the yin and offers relief from different kinds of pains. Like Moutan, Dioscorea is also an herb that positively affects the internal body parts. Dioscorea is used for curing menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, discomfort, pain due to gallstones and stomach cramps.

The sixth important ingredient is Poria that regulates the flow of Qi in the body. It is a diuretic in nature and used to cure tinnitus. It used in the combination with several other vital herbs like Ginseng Root, Atractylodes, Codonopsis, Ginger and Astragulus and provides excellent health benefits providing cure to many health disorders.

Alismatis is scientifically known as Alismatis Orientalis. It is an antihypertensive, anti bacterial and diuretic in nature. It lowers the level of sugar in the blood. This herb is used for curing diseases like diarrhea, edema and urinary dysfunction.

The last ingredient of Er Long Zuo Ci Pill is Bupleurum. It s biological name is Bupleurum Falcatum. It is mainly applied as a remedy for irritable bowel syndrome. It is also one of the best medicines for the prevention and treatment of liver cancer.

Hence, it is clear that Er Long Zuo Ci pills besides providing relief from deafness and tinnitus performs several other body functions as well. Use it and make one of the best decisions in life.

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