Ending A Relationship: Is A Clean Break Possible In A One Sided Situation?

Ending A Relationship: Is A Clean Break Possible In A One Sided Situation?

Ending a relationship can be difficult to do especially if there is little solid conflict going on between the couple. It may be difficult for the individual that wants to end the relationship due to the trust and affection that the other party may still have for him or her. When ending a relationship that is one sided, there are a few ways to do it with minimum hurt on both sides, resulting in the two sides having a friendship in the future. It is never an easy decision when a relationship comes to the point where each person must decide whether to go to the next level or to break up.

There are many unique factors that can determine whether the status quo remains or if the couple determines to dissolve it. Refreshing broken relationships takes a lot of work which many people are not inclined to put into an already challenging situation.Every relationship goes through struggles, but after you have been fighting for a long time to keep it alive you may ask if saving it is really worth it.

Make Your Point Clear
One thing that needs to be clear when ending a relationship is the reason why the party needs to end it. When one party wants to finish it, there needs to be a clear reason why and there needs to be a definitive action. There is little use in blaming one another for the death of a relationship. One needs to be frank regarding the cause of the disillusionment or the lack of love and affection. Ending a relationship based on lost love is one of the most effective reasons but can be dangerous with respect to the reactions of the other party.

The initiating party needs to make sure that the other partner is receptive to the idea before broaching a subject of this magnitude to avoid conflict or too much resistance. There is benefit in laying down the foundation of the reasons to break up before broaching the subject of ending a relationship. Ways of subtly hinting that you are not satisfied with the current situation is to be disinterested but polite regarding your partners interests and not going out on dates with him or her as much as before. It is not a good idea to go out with other people or to show interest in other people when you have plans of ending a relationship.

This may aggravate the situation or make the other partner more possessive and less susceptible to ending a relationship. One can judge from the reaction of your boyfriend or girlfriend, whether he or she feels the same as you when you show disinterest or lack of affection towards him or her. If your partner, is not as interested in your activities as you are with his or hers, then there may be a chance that the feeling is mutual when it comes to end it.A relationship is supposed to be a place where you can go when you need comfort. Is the union one that makes you feel comfort when you have gone through something bad? Is the relationship something that you constantly need comforting about? If you are looking elsewhere for comfort, there may be a problem.

Help for stressed Situations
One of the most important steps in making the decision to either stop together or to break up is for the couple to sit down and honestly tell each other if they are willing to proceed. In other words, each person must commit to the other to act on the relationship and work on their troubled areas. There are a few things that one needs to consider in ending a relationship, though. Boredom can be eliminated by trying to revive the relationship with both of your help. Both may acknowledge the fact that there is something wrong and both of you can try to rekindle what has been lost or slumbering. Saving a relationship is an important thing to try and accomplish and will take a lot of work. It can also be frustrating work if the relationship is not really there and if this is the case it is better to finish it and move on.
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