Database Inconsistency and Invalid File Header Problems in MDF

Database Inconsistency and Invalid File Header Problems in MDF

RAID servers are considered as the most trusted and reliable storage medium. But sometimes, they may also lose all the hard drives, which include your important data, backups and other information.

Most of the organizations use RAID for storing their important SQL Server databases. When they fail, generally you may lose all of your data, but sometimes you may get some traces of data and can recreate the database.

In such situations, you can save your database by restoring the database from your backup. But unfortunately, when you try to restore backups, which were made through MS SQL Server for a database, which is running on DTP SmartRAID V controllers, you may receive the following error message:

"Msg 3270, Level 0, Sev 16.

An internal consistency error occurred. Contact Technical Support for assistance."

In this case, when you attempt to detach the database using sp_detach_db stored procedure and then attempt to attach the database again with the help of sp_attach_db stored procedure, you may get the flowing error message:

"Server: Msg 5172, Level 16, State 15, Line 1.

The header for file d:pubs.mdf is not a valid database file header. The PageAudit property is incorrect."

After this error message, the restoration process gets halted and you can not access anything from your SQL Server database.

Grounds of the trouble

As stated in the above error messages, this problem is either due to inconsistent state of the database or due to invalid header entry for the database. In both of these cases, the database may get damaged and thus even a single bit of data can not be retrieved from it.

In such disastrous situations, you need to perform SQL recovery to repair the damaged database and retrieve all of your data from it. SQL recovery can be carried out using the MDF recovery software.

MDF recovery software are easy to use tools, which allow you to have quick and rouble-free MDF repair in each and every case of MDF corruption. To ensure complete and successful SQL repair, always use effective SQL recovery software like Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery software.

Phoenix MDF recovery software works well in all MDF corruption posers. This MDF repair software can effectively repair and restore all of the SQL Server database objects including tables, reports, forms, triggers, stored procedures, defaults, user defined data types and likewise.

With read only and non destructive conduct, this SQL repair software is safe to use. Phoenix SQL recovery applies on MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005. To get in-depth knowledge about the workings, user interface, and powerfulness of this robust MDF recovery software, download and use free demo version. Demo version is available on Stellars website.