Curve Cologne

Curve Cologne

Curve cologne is marketed for both men and women but well focus today on the mens cologne. Young men and older can appreciate the scent that Curve features, even teenagers can benefit from the clean scent that it offers.

Curve has a blended scent of sandalwood, Douglas fir and green leaf. Amber is also hinted by those who find this fragrance appealing. It has a fresh scent but also a rustic one that gives the man wearing it a rugged scent. Its considered moderate so its perfect for everyday use.

This cologne was created in 1996 by designer Liz Claiborne, a few years later the female version was created. The cologne has been their best seller because of the soft but clean smell. Men who wear it attract the females who long for that fresh smell on a man.

Those who love the smell of clean laundry might find this scent familiar but not exact. There is something about a fresh smell that makes you want to crave it more.

Men that wear this cologne are generally described as causal dressers, its best to wear it in the daytime since it has an outdoor feel to the scent. Any age can wear it and since it lasts about six to ten hours its great for the office or early evening. It extends past the soap and water smell a man achieves after a morning shower, its clean and crisp like a walk in the woods.

The type of women that find this scent attractive is those who want a man to smell nice but not to fruity. Girlfriends who become wives love the scent and wont allow their man to wear anything than Curve cologne since its the scent they fell in love with. The woman who really loves this scent is the bold ones who stop to ask you what you are wearing.

For those who want a signature scent but dont want to pay a lot for it Curve cologne for men is the best Liz Claiborne product ever. Mens cologne is hard to buy since some fade after time but Curve cologne has been going strong since 1996. Ask any woman to pick a scent they want to smell and they go for Curve cologne.

Since Curve cologne has been around since 1996 that says something, a lot of mens colognes get discontinued because they dont stand up to a womans requirement, which is the true test. If you get compliments from women and subtle questions from guys wanting to know what you are wearing then youre on the right track. Its best to wear Curve cologne on your skin since it fades slower than on your clothes.

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