Create Elegant Walls and Furniture With Gold Leaf and a Stencil
Create Elegant Walls and Furniture With Gold Leaf and a Stencil

Create Elegant Walls and Furniture With Gold Leaf and a Stencil

Gold Leaf is an awesome product and can be found in art supply, craft stores and many on-line sources and is available in real gold ranging from 14K and up (yes, you would be adding REAL gold to your items!) or much less expensive faux versions.
The concept is to brush on gold leaf adhesive that allows the gold leaf to stick to the intended area. Let it dry completely and then gently lay the gold leaf directly on to the dry adhesive.
Gold leaf is paper thin and comes layered in sheets. In many cases, it requires you to gently lift the sheet of gold with an artists brush and carefully apply it over the surface. The particular brand I used allowed the leaf to stay on the sheets of paper which could then be applied to the surface with ease.
In my quest for the perfect decorating elements, I decided that incorporating gold leafing in to the molding of my main floor bath would make its pretty "egg and dart" carving more noticeable and elegant.
I began by painting the molding gold as an under coat and then applied a dark stain that was quickly wiped off so that it darkened only the recesses. I then applied the gold leaf adhesive lightly over the surface so that it touched only the raised portions of the molding.

By rubbing the back side of the paper with my fingers, the gold leaf deposited on to the molding beautifully. Once I had rubbed the area sufficiently, I peeled the paper back to reveal the gold leaf now attached to the molding.
An artists brush is then used to dust away any excess gold leaf and burnish it in to the adhesive.
My molding now has a new finish that brings out its detail and beauty and brightens the décor in the room. It also makes it appear that I must have paid a fortune for my molding!
But gold leaf with a stencil on walls is the "end all" of elegant décor! Use a single element stencil such as a Fleur de lei design, single flower or other element. Create a random, "all over" pattern on your wall by brushing the stencil openings with gold leaf adhesive instead of paint, move the stencil to another area of the wall and repeat. Keep repeating the design randomly until you are satisfied with the placement. Then allow the adhesive to dry (usually 24 hours).
Apply the gold leaf sheets directly over the dried adhesive and rub lightly with an artists brush to deposit the gold on to the adhesive. Dust away any loose particles.
What results is an incredible wall design you will be proud to show off and that will add class and beauty to your walls with very little effort.
Gold Leaf can also be applied to picture frames, lamp bases, kitchen cabinets and drawers or anywhere you want a brilliant (and sometimes REAL) gold design.

© Victoria Larsen 2007