Carp and Catfish Summer And Winter Paste Dough and Boilie Baits!

Carp and Catfish Summer And Winter Paste Dough and Boilie Baits!

Im going to introduce to you some extremely effective bait suggestions for both summer and winter use and will be simple to make. If you have experience of making homemade boilies, thats great; youll be able to create far more alternative ones for sure, to keep you ahead of the game.

The world of paste and dough baits is ripe with possibilities to keep you catching and theyre very easy and quick to make. Many paste and dough baits will out-fish boiled baits if used creatively in many fishing situations. Boilies, pellets and fake plastic baits are fashionable at the moment but any fisherman who has ever fished bread dough will know that carp love a soft soluble bait. This is something that conventional boilies and many pellets do not offer so effectively most especially when used as hook baits.

The boiling and to a degree steaming of boilies to make a more resilient baits seals in the very attraction and triggers that make these baits effective fish catchers. The outer quarter to a third is what is producing most of the attraction while the majority of the rest of the bait is wasted being sealed in. Even the high and balanced nutritional value food type baits made commercially have far lower attraction due to this effect. The problem is that many fishermen really demand confidence in a bag of bait and have become conditioned to expect particular bait characteristics.

One of these is how durable the bait is against small fish and how functionally intact the bait lasts in the water most especially as hook baits. Very many boilies are intact still from 12 hours to 5 days or more. Why not test the function and attraction properties of any commercial baits by timing their break down in a glass of water over a period of time. Ones which dissolve to the touch after 12 hours are ideal for many fishing situations for instance.)

In fact, the majority of my most effective paste baits last no more than an hour to 6 hours depending on ingredients and temperatures. You can get a much better effect with boilies by including a large proportion of soluble ingredients. Sugars and milk powders are easy ones and there are many protein rich examples like soluble fish protein which is well proven. Amino acids directly dissolved into the water are some of the best true carp feeding stimulators and are potent for other species also.

The laughable thing is that you can buy ready made boilies actually wrapped in a thin layer of paste which turns things on their head slightly! You can improve the performance of boilies by cutting all the coagulated skin off, so releasing triggers and attraction far more effectively. You will have a better bait than a conventional uniform round boilie. It is common practice to use a piece or half a boilie as a hook bait on a hair-rig and unusual shapes and water movements of baits make it harder for carp to deal with than round perfectly round baits.

Various gels and so on are often used in commercial boilies now to help them hold their structural shape and there are many advantages to not using eggs as a binder, particularly in cold winter temperatures where it actually inhibits digestion of baits.

Angler pressured fish have often spent years practicing avoiding getting hooked on round baits and discerning hook baits from ground bait samples. This is one reason why using methods of critically balancing your hook baits to negate the weight of the hook can be so effective compared to non-balanced baits.

In winter and summer, but especially in lower temperatures, pastes can out-fish many conventional boilies and lower quality pellets too. Very many times when Ive made homemade boilies I deliberately put in large amounts of soluble ingredients especially ones whose components consist of proven carp feeding triggers. True carp feeding triggers are very much part of their environment and act as detection markers for natural foods like bloodworms, molluscs, crustaceans and even algae. Many of these are well known and two examples are certain amino acids and combinations of them and betaine which is found in very many widely diversely distributed natural food items and even is in us!

It is only one step from making paste or dough baits to making hard-skinned resilient and durable boilies, so testing your sample paste baits on a water before committing to making 10 or 50 kilograms is easy.

You can make pastes that have a smooth or even texture, or ones which are semi-buoyant or floating ones for surface fishing and pop-up baits. Coarse bird food and ground bird foods and other pet foods can be used to make open texture very rough texture baits, just add water oe eggs and experiment. Even dried shrimps, daphnia mealworms and so on can be used. You can impregnate pastes with other items like dead maggots, casters, tiny pellets, and so on for extra differentiation and attraction... (Doing this with ready made pastes on a base fish are already eating regularly like Active 8 for example can be a really productive edge.Thinking out of the box can be very tough and we mostly tend towards laziness and doing what has worked before, but taking a successful principle or element and applying it differently is not hard. Consider just how many blanks this saves you in wasted time, money and effort!

For example, we know about buoyant baits. We know about sinking baits. We can make pastes of both types, and the aim is to make things harder for the fish to avoid your hook. How many fishermen do you know have tried fishing both a sinking paste on a hair and a floating one of a different base? How about using a floating bird food one over a fishmeal one for instance?

Very few anglers fish two hairs off a hook, one from around the eye, the other near the bend for instance; its a winter winner for boiled baits, pastes, pellets, particles, you name it! Conventional line-aligner rigs with single baits are probably rather less successful now compared to the time before they were in use so why not make your rig your own too? It just takes a little thought about what we are using , doing and even thinking, to condition our fish in anti-productive ways, and avoid them!

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By Tim Richardson.

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