Belly Ring, What Is A Belly Ring And Choosing Belly Button Rings

Belly Ring, What Is A Belly Ring And Choosing Belly Button Rings

Belly Button Ring, Understanding Belly Button Rings

A belly button ring is a jewel with a fairly recent history. A model at a London fashion show is said to have exposed her belly piercing on the run way. This triggered interest in belly button rings, designers were quick to react and created a whole range of belly button ring designs to please trendy fashion lovers. You can today find a belly button ring in gold or sterling silver, thousands of designs. Belly button rings with diamond and gemstone studdings are also not very rare. The large variety does provide numerous options for your belly button ring but, could also be confusing. In this article we will try to explain the various features of a belly button ring. The idea is to provide you with information that will allow you to select the best belly button ring.

Belly button ring design: The design concept of your belly button ring could be based on your choice, this refers to the external appearance of the jewel. However, the design features need to include more than just good looks. From the view point of longterm durability, a belly button ring would need to have sufficient metal content without making the jewel look bulky. The design should allow sufficient scope for buyer expression and preferences. For example if you are a lover of nature and flowers, you might want your belly button ring to be created in the shape of a flower. Some buyers might prefer belly rings with plain design while others, might be impressed with a belly ring that has various gems and diamonds studded in the jewel. A good jeweller would do a lot of research on the belly button ring design before releasing it for commercial production. A very important reason for this is that, two belly button rings might appear very similar externally and yet, have very different features.

Gold options: For jewels like belly button rings which will not be exposed to much wear and tear, the hardness of gold would not be a major factor to consider. However you might want to know that, a 14k belly button ring would be harder than an 18k belly button ring. This is because, the composition of 18k gold makes it softer than 14k gold. Another choice that you would have to make relates, to the selection of a yellow or white gold belly button ring. The gold color for belly button rings can be based purely on personal preference though, you might like to match this with the color of the gemstones in the jewel.

Gemstones and diamonds: The addition of diamonds and gems in your belly button ring would help increase its beauty and could also, be used to add meaning to the belly button ring. People have believed in the special meaning and properties of gemstones for many centuries. The concept of birthstones, anniversary gems, gems that heal etc are all part of this belief. You could for example, order a birthstone belly button ring and wear a gorgeous birthstone jewel. The color of the gemstone could also be chosen based on the color of the gem. If you choose a gemstone based solely on color for your belly button ring, remember that many gems could have similar color and prices could differ widely. Take advantage of this and ask your jeweller to help you select a gemstone that matches, your preferred color and is priced within your budget.

Types of mechanisms: This refers to the way in which your belly button ring would be opened and closed. As of today, there are three main types of mechanisms used for belly rings. The first is the screwable type where, one portion of the stem has a screw portion that screws into the belly button ring. The second type of mechanism is where, a curved stem passes through the hollow tube in the belly button ring. Such belly rings cannot be screwed into place and care should be taken to understand, how to open and close the belly button ring. A recent development has seen belly button rings that, do not require a piercing to be made on the skin. Such a belly button ring would have a clip on mechanism that is very similar to the clip on type of earrings.

Importance of craftsmanship: Buyers generally believe that, good craftsmanship is required only to ensure an attractive external appearance. Jewelers are aware that durability and safety also require skilled worksmanship but, they prefer not to educate buyers. For example, firm mounting of the gemstone or diamond in your belly button ring will require the experience of a skilled craftsman. The design of your belly button ring might be excellent, but things like sharp or jagged edges and end points could make it dangerous to wear. Loosely mounted diamonds or gemstones in your belly ring could loosen and drop off, this could result in expensive repairs and replacements. When you choose a belly button ring remember that, good craftsmanship is as important as the design and gemstone options. You should also know that mass produced belly button rings cannot provide good craftsmanship. The intense concentration required to produce a good quality belly button ring can come only with a true custom belly button ring.

None of the above information is sales talk, it is useful information aimed at guiding you make the right choice when choosing your belly button ring. Most jewellers would not care to provide such detailed information about a belly button ring. You can look for a jeweller who you feel comfortable with, make sure that you know how to evaluate belly button rings before you buy one. You can see some well designed and crafted belly button rings on this link. Observe the features of these belly button rings and include your own preferences before buying a belly button jewel. You will also see two very popular types of mechanisms for opening and closing belly button rings.