Anatomy and Physiology Study Guides - The Way to Memorize Anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology Study Guides - The Way to Memorize Anatomy

Studying anatomy and physiology can be very frustrating. Have you ever searched for a simpler way to study anatomy? I went thorough the pain of memorizing mountains of medical terms. I must tell you its not a simple task to remember them even English not to mention the Latin terms. If you truly want to make your study easier then pay close attention to this article and it will make you one step close to your goal.

• First of all memorizing the term and its meaning is very similar to learning a foreign language. Thats why I have borrowed a tip to remember the words. Take a bunch of index cards and write down a term on one side of the card and its meaning on other side of it. Do it with all the terms you need to memorize. Now going through the cards one by one flipping them makes it much easier to memorize the terms. Alternate back and forth until you can give the meaning or the term and then look at the definition first and name the term.

• Second tip that was extremely helpful for me is to have some visualization of the human anatomy. You know that people receive the large portion of information from environment through eyes. Pictures and diagrams are good help. But I found even better solution. There are some pieces of software that show the three dimensional human skeletal and muscular structure. Never underestimate the power of animation. You will be surprised how easier it makes memorizing the bones and muscles of human body.

• Most importantly get yourself a good Anatomy and physiology study guide. I can not stress strong enough how crucial to your success in studying anatomy can be a great study course or guide. At least download your free copy of 3D human anatomy software at.