Aging Skin Care - The Causes of Aging Skin
Aging Skin Care - The Causes of Aging Skin

Aging Skin Care - The Causes of Aging Skin

There is no way around it-we WILL age, and so will our skin. However, educating yourself on the factors that cause it can help you prevent premature aging.

Perhaps, the most detrimental natural factor to the premature aging of your skin is the sun. "Photoaging" is the technical term that dermatologists use to describe aging caused by the sun. The amount of photoaging depends heavily on the persons history of sun exposure, and the color of the skin. Light-skinned people develop more intense sings of photoaging than those people with dark skin. In dark-skinned persons, photoaging is usually limited to a spotted complexion and a few fine lines.

Sun damage occurs over a period of several years. With repeated sun exposure, the skin can no longer repair itself and the damage occurs. Even the sunburns you received as a child can cause wrinkling as an adult. In fact, most skin damage received by the sun up to your twenties will not be noticeable until you are in your thirties. It is imperative that you apply sunscreen to all visible areas of your body-namely, your face, neck, arms, and hands-in order to protect yourself. An SPF of 15 is recommended for daily usage. The harmful rays of the sun can cause spotting, wrinkling, and most detrimentally, skin cancer.

Cigarette smoking also causes accelerated aging. Smokers are shown to develop deeply wrinkled skin earlier in age than a non-smoker. Also, the nicotine in cigarettes has been shown to cause a yellowish-hue to the smokers complexion. These signs can be diminished by stopping smoking. Even people who have been a smoker for years can gain a lot of their skin-elasticity back if they stop smoking today.

Smoking also ages your skin faster because the nicotine in cigarettes zaps the moisture from your body, causing rapid dehydration, which leads to wrinkling of the skin. Smoking can add an average of 15 years to your face-aging you amazingly fast.

Something that many people do not think about causing premature aging is the way they sleep. Its true-sleeping positions can cause wrinkles. For instance, if you sleep with your face resting on the pillow in the same way for many years, you can get wrinkles called, "sleep lines." Most of us have woken in the morning with a "line" across our face from the way we were sleeping. A "sleep line" is essentially, a permanent wrinkle. The best sleeping position is flat on your back-where your face cannot be scrunched up to create wrinkles!
Of course, there are several more factors that are involved in the aging of your skin, but the sun, cigarette smoke, and sleep position are a few that you can take hold of. There are small changes that you can control in order to stop premature aging of your skin!

You can take steps to reduce aging by external factors by

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