About Debt Busters-Debt Management Company

About Debt Busters-Debt Management Company

At DebtBusters we are dedicated to assisting our clients at every step of the way on their path to financial stability. We offer a personalised service to cater for individuals specific situations and operate across South Africa with our head offices in Cape Town.

What makes Debtbusters different

DebtBusters differs from other debt companies in that we offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions, not simply Debt Counselling. Our services vary from free consultation and advice to informal Debt Management plans and formal Debt Review processes.

Whether or not you own property makes no difference - we have a solution to help all our clients and our priority is to solve your debt problems and create a management plan for you to stay debt and stress free.

Why DebtBusters?

As South Africas largest Debt Management company, you can be sure that we will have the specific solution to suit your individual needs. Unlike most Debt Counsellors we have numerous in-house divisions to guarantee that we can look after our clients throughout the entire process.

Fully trained debt consultants who will guide you through the process, assist in saving money and ensure you become debt free in the shortest time possible.

Dedicated client services department who are always available for all queries and concerns.

In-house legal department that will protect you and your assets

Our expert consultants

Our team of debt consultants takes a personal approach, assisting clients throughout the process and our dedicated client services and legal team is there to offer up to date information about your specific case when you require it.

If all you need is some assistance with budgeting to better manage your personal finances, we will offer our expertise without charge or obligation.

We have Debt Counsellors that are fully qualified and compliant with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) so you can be sure that the advice you receive from DebtBusters is of the highest quality.

For general enquiries, contact us at info@debtbusters.co.za or call us on 0861 663 328