3 Awesome Free GPT Sites and How to Totally Dominate Them

3 Awesome Free GPT Sites and How to Totally Dominate Them

Free GPT sites on the internet seem to be innumerable. There is no need for them to charge you, as they rely on you making money for them to make money. It is a win-win situation. The more you make, the more they will make, so everyone is happy. Some sites have come and gone, of course, but others have stood the test of time, remaining the best free GPT sites on the net. Which are they, and why are they the best?

Gangster Greed has become a favorite of many GPTers, in part because of human nature. With this free GPT site there is no need to wait around a full month or more for your money. As soon as you reach the minimum threshold of $10, you can cash out. And if you reach that level again the next day, you can cash out again. And again, and again and again. No waiting.

Treasure Trooper is a popular site in large part because they are more open to countries other than the USA. If you are looking for a free GPT site and you are from Canada or the UK, you are in luck. You could essentially say it is a Canada GPT site or a UK GPT site as well. There are offers for many different English speaking countries, not limiting you to just the United States, as some sites do.

Deal Barbie Pays is a great free GPT site for a different reason. While its first referral level is only 15%, as opposed to the 20-30% that some sites offer, DealBarbiePays goes three levels deep, instead of two. Doing the math you can see how huge that can be. If you refer 10 people who each refer 10 people, you will have 110 people "below you", earning an income from their efforts. If you are able to go one more level, as you can with this free GPT site, you will have the 100 people on your second level each referring 10 (as an example), thus propelling you to 1,110 people below you! That can make for some serious residual income.