Things to do After an Illegal Termination

Things to do After an Illegal Termination

People work to earn a living and to provide for ones daily needs. Generally, a worker is chiefly concerned with job security and protection. What most workers aspire is a work free from disputes and problems.

There are laws that assure these workers that they would be protected from unscrupulous business owners and employees who would take advantage of their position.

So, if you have been fired because of a non-work related reason of the employee, you can call Wrongful termination lawyers who will help you in filing charges and claims against the company.

Wrongful termination is a delicate issue that may arise out of several causes. In California, for instance, an employee can lose his job even for no apparent reason. However in cases where one is terminated from work because of reasons unrelated to his work, he may file a claim for wrongful termination against his employer.

Charges such as this have many complications for there are exceptions like "employment at will" wherein it is presumed that the employee can terminate an employee anytime and that the employee may quit whenever he wishes to.

However, an employee can file for wrongful termination charges if he has evidence to prove that he is fired because of:

• Whistle-Blowing
Whistle blowing is the term coined to illustrate a person who has exposed illegal and improper doings of the company that he works for. There is a law made to protect these whistle-blowers from illegal termination.

• Discrimination
Discrimination in workplace is forbidden but there are still some who discriminate employees and terminate them solely because of their physicality. Here are some of the discriminations that an employee might experience in his work place.

- Racial Discrimination

- Age Discrimination

- Gender Discrimination

- Discrimination based on a Persons Religion

• Harassment
There are employers who threaten workers with termination if they would not welcome his sexual advances. There are also those who are fired because they have filed charges against these employers. There are laws that protect these workers from employees who take advantage of his position.

• Retaliation
Employees could not be terminated for any illegal or legal act that he might or might not have done. This would ensure that all facts would first be presented before cutting off the financial means of a person.

• Refusal to Commit Illegal Acts
Workers could not be terminated if they have rejected any proposal to connive with an employee to do illegal activities. Law protects them from threats of losing a job for doing the right thing.

Seriousness of Wrongful Termination

Statistics show that wrongful termination is the leading reason for employment-related charges. It would require great amount of time and effort from both parties to prove their cases. So, employers must be very careful in their actions to save resources that a trial may cost them.

But, to save them time, employer and worker can both reach a settlement that would be beneficial for both of them. An out-of-court settlement approved by lawyers from both sides is practical and wise decision to make.

Things to Remember

If you are terminated from your job and you know that it is illegal, you can look for evidence that would support your claims. These pieces of evidence will strengthen and prove your case.

If you have issues or employment-related problems that ended in a wrongful termination, you need to immediately consult with someone knowledgeable with the issue, preferably an experienced employment lawyer.

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