You Can Have a Job in the Scrapbooking Industry

You Can Have a Job in the Scrapbooking Industry

Ever wished you could make cash doing your favorite hobby, such as scrapbooking? Well, you could! There are tons of careers you can have in the scrapbooking field. If you love to create memories, you can be getting paid for your efforts! Think it is too good to be true? Think again! If you are imaginative, you could find a job in an instant scrapbooking field that matches your particular skills.

Many stores that sell crafts have open positions in the scrapbooking industry. Stores that offer a wide variety of hobby and craft supplies adore having an experience person in a particular hobby or field included in their staff. If you have a passion for creating scrapbooks, you can be an asset to their shop and you can also draw in customers. Assistant manager positions for those with an expertise in a popular hobby like scrapbooking often show up as well. If you are particularly ambitious, you might want to consider starting a scrapbooking store of your own.

Is there a certain scrapbooking product line that you enjoy more than any others? Well then, there is an additional career opportunity available to you in the scrapbooking business - work as a sales representative. A scrapbooking sales representative takes his/her clients products to individual retail sites, shows what they can do, and establishes an agreement with the individual retailers to put the product on their shelves. People who genuinely believe one product is better than another is and can influence individuals to buy are ideal for this type of profession. If youre a people person and find joy in taking trips, you could be extremely successful as a scrapbooking sales rep.

Do you happen to be the person everyone comes to when theyre looking for fresh scrapbookideas? Then you may want to think about a career as a scrapbooking teacher! You could go around and contract with craft and hobby shops in your area and have people pay you to teach them how to make stunning page layouts. This is not just about offering classes, this job is about being a true professional - the person everyone knows they can go to for scrapbooking knowledge. When you get a sufficient amount of contacts, you can then hold classes at home for a small price. If you pair up this job with a consulting career, you can increase your sales through your classes. After you show the advantages of a specific product, your customers will want to buy one of their own!

Lastly, if you are fast at creating pages, you may want to contemplate designing custom scrapbook products. Scores of people like the look of a homemade scrapbook however they simply do not have time or the talent it takes to make one. You can make scrapbooks for them or design the page layouts with spaces for them to paste in their pictures. People will pay for this!

All of these simple, yet wonderful, ideas can create excellent jobs for you. Imagine working in a job that you find pleasure in and being able to wake up in the morning with fresh ideas to implement at work. This dream can become reality if you find an occupation that centers on your favorite hobby. Think about a job in the scrapbooking business!

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Debbie Luker has been scrapbooking for over 7 years. She has enjoyed making memory books for several clients, she is now more focused on getting her work published online and in magazines. She has been on two different design teams for suppliers, the most recent being the scrapbooking supply company, Check out this scrapbooking jobs directory.