Work From Home Debate
Work From Home Debate

Work From Home Debate

Work From Home Debate

With thousands more people each week deciding to work from home using the internet to market a variety of goods and services, internet auctions and so forth in an attempt to walk away from the day job it is time to take a look at why this phenomena exists.

The lack of job security in modern day life appears to be the major contributor to this drift towards online marketing as a source of full time employment. This is added to by gridlocked roads and overcrowded public transport required to get to and from a place of work. Travel can often add as much as four hours to each working day. Workers arrive home to find children already in bed and sound asleep - they are no fun to spouses because they are too tired from another day in the rat race. These factors combine to make working from home an attractive alternative.

Recently published data forecasts that young adults entering the workforce today (2008) will have five or more separate careers, often requiring a degree of retraining between each career. Compare this to the time of your grandparents where it was common to leave education, take a job and stay there until you retired. This required a great deal of dedication, even sacrifice, from both employer and employee. Today, sadly, the world moves so fast and technology advances ensure that todays whiz kid is tomorrows outdated junk. This is another reason why more and more people have started making spare time to work from home and attempt to make it permanent.

I have met only two people that financially support their lifestyle by internet marketing and both started in a home office but have since rented office space and hired staff to turbocharge their online businesses. - Yes, they too only hire staff for as long as they need them and then hire somebody else to move to the next level. It appears that loyalty still has limits or maybe technology forces redundancy much quicker because it is hard to keep up with new trends when 12 hours each are spent hard at work doing what you do best]

Naturally with so many people interested in online marketing as a route to work from home there are many schemes popping up all over the internet each day that promise the latest fool proof" method to make a squillion overnight. Be very cautious who you trust to invest your money with. As a rule of thumb we recommend two criteria that should be followed by all would be internet marketers:

1. Invest your funds in a program that has been around for a long time and has stood the test of time. Very few online businesses fall into this category.
2. Only put money into a program that makes definitive statements concerning what you should expect to earn in the first month and offers a full money back guarantee after 30 days if you are not making it.

If a program you read about cannot fall into either of the above categories we suggest you keep your money in your pocket. The "make a million" junkyard in the sky is so full it will soon be taking new scrap by appointment only. Making extra income isnt as easy as it sounds.

Like in all walks of life 20% of you will succeed in being capable of building an income with a work from home program. The other 80% will spend a lot of money getting nowhere.

Another article listing well established sources of online income will follow shortly.

Written by Davmac in April 2008.


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