Why Women Like Flowers

Why Women Like Flowers

Why Women Like Flowers

With the passing of Valentines Day, many men may have been left wondering why women like flowers so much, a question which is warranted. I mean, they dont really do anything other than sit in the house and look pretty for a few days, and then they die. They dont really provide any service or value right? Well, here are a few reasons why women love flowers so much:

First, flowers represent thoughts. Women understand that in order for men to get out and purchase flowers, they have to have taken the time to think about them. This is very important because women are very emotional beings. The fact that you took the time to think of her and then doing something that is completely out of your daily routine and outside of your comfort zone for them goes a long way. It is a beautiful thing because you put them first rather than the other things you have going on in your life.

Flowers show that you pay attention. Just bringing the flowers home isnt enough, men need to get the type of flower and the color of the flower right. If you can succeed in both of these areas, you will have hit the ball out of the park with her. She loves the fact that you pay attention to the little things and have paid attention to what she has told you. She may not have openly said that she loves red roses, but may have mentioned it through simpler less obvious ways, but in her mind, she told you, so pay attention!

Flowers say I love you. It is as simple as that. Women love to be told how you feel about them. Remember that they are emotional beings and even though you may not need the same type of reassurance, she definitely does. There are many ways you can tell her you love her, but this one will do it with an asterisk.

Even if you do not feel comfortable purchasing flowers for your girl, get rid of your pride and get out there and do it. She will appreciate it more than you expect. It is a simple and thoughtful, and though you may not fully understand it, she will love you for it.

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