Where to Get Free Wii Points
Where to Get Free Wii Points

Where to Get Free Wii Points

Nintendo Wii gamers are regularly wishing for Free Wii points. With brand new virtual console games arriving every week, without mentioning all of the original WiiWare games its a shame to allow these to pass by unplayed. Not to mention the brand new Wii channels popping up regularly. Getting some Free Wii Points would be a decidedly marvelous thing for a Nintendo Wii player, to say the least. I am convinced loads of gamers scour online for a place to obtain Free Wii Points too. I know I did.

Free Wii Points could save you lots of money. The smallest number of Wii points you are able to buy is 1000, which costs About ten dollars.

So having some free Wii Points Codes will be a absolute cash saver. This is especially for gamers who look for on Virtual Console and WiiWare routinely and players that want some downloadable add ons to their games. Downloadable titles on the Wii can run you 500 points going all the way up to 1600. So why cough up coin on the game you are not sure youll be keen on, if it is conceivable to attain Free Wii Points Codes.

For the Wii owners who dont realize, there arent gobs of ways to get Wii Points. Gamers could buy them on the Wii Shop channel with a credit card. One complication is that not everybody has a credit card to use. You could also get points cards online in most game shops for around $10 - $20 or higher. Ebay is at same time a impressive source of tracking down Wii Points cards. But there is an additional path to try getting some Wii Points that I stumbled upon.

I was surfing online one day and I read a message board post regarding a person seeing free wii points on a website. I was doubtful, but it was free so I had nothing to lose. Here is the coolest part: in 5 minutes I had landed 1000 Wii points for free! I know I must have gotten lucky, because some folks couldnt manage to get an unused code, but I did!

I had share this cool tip with other people so I decided to post this up for others to check out. The site is http://FreeWiiPoints.net if you would like to give it a shot.

One of the easiest, fastest methods of nabbing Free Wii Points Codes is this site. The most welcome part is it is simple and risk free. This is totally worth trying if you cant buy points with a credit card and/or dont want to spend money.