Where to Find Philips WOWvx Reviews?
Where to Find Philips WOWvx Reviews?

Where to Find Philips WOWvx Reviews?

Philips WOW vx 3DTV: For Review and Public Sale Info

Philips42-3D6W02/00 intelligent 3D 42-Inch WOW Display Solution, Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 x RGB, Aspect ratio 16:9, lightness 5 hundred cd/m2, Contrast 1500:1, reply time 8 ms, Display colors 16.7 M colours, 9 view autostereoscopic 3D display, Non-switchable lenticular technology

They pick out which part of the image will come in 1st in the 3D range visual, then the next , and so on , so that when it comes together, the 3-d visible is unbroken and appears to literally pop out from the screen.

3D smart dual-mode display - Philips 3D Solutions offers a 42 autostereoscopic 3d display family, for professional applications, that provides todays best 3D viewing experiences by utilizing WOWvx technologies. The 42-3D6W02 WOW is manufactured for power popping graphic three dimensional effects. Its slanted multi-view lenticular lens technology affords full lightness and full contrast and permits multiple users to view 3D content at the same time, within a huge comfort zone.



|WOWvx Summary|

Philips WOWvx Review Summary


True color illustration is assured by the lenticular lens technology. The display is based on a high-definition panel and so enables great picture standard in 2D and 3d mode. Integrated complicated display signal-processing offers content creators and end-users full control of the quality and depth-effect characteristics of the picture. The flexible3d information format, in the shape of 2D-plus-Depth, permits simple creation or modification of applications and content for the display.

3-d system solution - The displays can be applied in a wide range of applications, since it can be operated in both 2D and 3-d mode. The system solution is designed for maximum reuse of content/concepts from the 2D world. The key enabler for this is the flexible 2D-plus-Depth format, that permits decoupling of content creation and content visualisation. This allows applications where different 3D screen sizes and designs can be applied in the same system. Philips autostereoscopic 3D displays support the unique Declipse image format. The Declipse image format enables a real look-around effect together with the 3D visualisation. Furthermore, straightforward creation of 3D overlays is provided by applying the Declipse format.