When is it Time to Throw Out Your Perfume?
When is it Time to Throw Out Your Perfume?

When is it Time to Throw Out Your Perfume?

Many people spend a fortune on a bottle of perfume, expecting it will keep until they are done with it. But is that the case? How long does perfume last for anyway?

The quick answer is that it will not last indefinitely. Perfume is a perishable item so it will eventually go bad. Over time, its quality will degrade and it will become a scent you most certainly dont want to apply to your body. But how do you know when the time has come to get rid of your perfume? Fortunately, there are a few ways.

For the most part, a bottle of perfume will last approximately two to three years, but you need to note that that time frame is from the time of production, not your date of purchase. And with that in mind, you need to be aware of the fact that some discount perfume or clearance stores will sell scents that have gone past their shelf life, so its buyer beware. Always be sure to look for a date on the bottle or box. Even at a great discount, a fragrance thats only going to last you a few months likely isnt that much of a deal for you. Also, with this three year time frame in mind, you know you should go ahead and throw out any perfumes that you have owned for more than this time period. Even if you cant tell the difference when sniffing the bottle, chances are you dont want to mix the scent with your own body chemicals. You might be shocked at what you smell when you do.

So, weve talked about how long does perfume last, but there are also measures you can take to ensure your favourite fragrance will last as long as possible. First, make sure you keep your bottles in a spot that is cool and dark. Both heat and direct sunlight can have a severely damaging impact on perfumes. You can store your colognes or eau de toilettes in your refrigerator, as this may help to preserve them, at least a little bit. However, keep in mind that whatever measures you take to preserve your perfume, you still arent going to be able to extend that three year shelf life. Once that time is up, just go buy yourself a new bottle.

Are there any ways for you tell ascertain if your perfume has gone, or is going bad? Yes. The first sign to look for is the colour. If it has begun to change, then you know your time is up. Another way is to check for the smell of a hint of vinegar. Clearly, if your perfume has begun to smell like salad dressing, you know its time to throw it out!

Begin using your perfume as soon as you have opened it. Its not something you save just for special occasions, because if you do that, youre basically throwing your money out the window.

And ladies, here is something else to think about. How long does perfume last isnt the only thing you need to take into consideration. There is a reason to throw out-or give away-a perfume that is still good. As we age, our body chemicals change with us. What smelled great on us at one point in our lives just might stink at another stage. It may be time to move on to another fragrance.

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