What Sells Well At Flea Markets?

What Sells Well At Flea Markets?

One reason many flea market vendors do not do well is the products they choose. This article looks at how to select the best products to sell at flea markets that give you the best chance at good earnings.

Hows The Competition?

Before you take on any product, we suggest you go to the flea markets you intend to sell at and check out the competition. Even the best product will not sell well if there are a lot of other vendors with the same product. And prices will fall if too many vendors have trouble selling the product. It takes a bit of time but it will save money later on.

Does It Display Well?

Some products display better than others. Jewelry looks great with lights making it twinkle. A big pile of T-shirts can look good when you open but can look messy in just a few minutes. Display sells. We suggest products that display well.

Does It Require Trust?

Some products do not do well at flea markets because they require a level of trust you cannot earn at flea markets. The public knows you can be gone tomorrow and that you have no actual store or a sure way to contact you. For that reason, products that require product support, installation help, warranties etc may not sell as well at flea markets.

Can You Demonstrate It?

The big earners at flea markets all do demonstrations. Good demonstrations attract a crowd and raise their buying interest higher than just walking by a booth can never do. If you want to make big money, we suggest product that can be demonstrated.

Are There Size & Color Problems Or Carrying Problems?

Some products come with problems. Is it too big or too heavy to walk around with? That will cost sales. Is it too easy to steal from your display? Is it sharp or dangerous? Do people need to try it on? Is size and color important? These are all draw backs to products.

Is It Part Of Your Theme?

Your booth may confuse people if it has too many different kind of products. For example, if your booth is all electronic gadgets, you become known as the place to go for gadgets. If you add skin cream and vitamins, they dont fit your theme. Try to carry products that compliment each other. This helps with cross selling and up selling as well and that can increase sales dramatically.

Choose wisely and test small quantities. "Buy smart, sell smart" is the way to success.


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