What Do Guys Look for in a Woman?
What Do Guys Look for in a Woman?

What Do Guys Look for in a Woman?

Have you ever wondered what a guy checks when he meets a girl for the first time? What do men look for in a woman? Is it her looks? Her personality? Read on to discover what men look for in a woman ...

The honest answer is for the first 10 seconds, hes probably checking out your body. Theres nothing you or I can do about it. For that first 10 seconds, youre on your own. I cant help you there. But what I can help you with is what happens after that first 10 seconds and the following days, months, years, decades, and possibly a lifetime.

Most have a minimal standard when it comes to looks. And by minimal, its ... very ... minimal. Once a woman passes that, other more important characteristics come into play. Here are 3 characteristics that naturally attract men:

Characteristic #1: A woman with passions

A passionate woman is exciting, fun, and most importantly very, very RESPONSIVE. When a guy uses the phrase "passionate woman," hes thinking about it in contrast to the sexually and emotionally cold woman. Its every guys worst nightmare to have a woman who gives him a blank face after he tells her a joke. As a guy once said, I would pick an average looking, but passionate woman over a cold, beautiful woman anytime.

Characteristic #2: A woman with her own dreams

A woman who has her own goals, aspirations, and dreams to pursue is deadly attractive for a man. Theres something so intriguing about a woman who has an exciting life that doesnt revolve around him. A woman who has other passions in life besides her man is always exciting. More importantly, a guy never feels pressured around a woman who knows how to be happy by herself and never expects a guy to make her feel fulfilled.

Characteristic #3: A woman who makes me a better person

What a guy really means is that he wants a woman who has backbone and wont put up with any of his BS. If you ever want a guy to take you seriously and think about having a future with you, you have to stand up for yourself when hes pushing it ...

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