Way to Retrieve Data from Water Damaged Disk
Way to Retrieve Data from Water Damaged Disk

Way to Retrieve Data from Water Damaged Disk

Flood is the most widely happening natural disaster. It could affect human lifestyle greatly. The most horrifying effect of this hurricane falls on computers. The hard drives and other storage media may get damaged due to water and all of your business critical data could become inaccessible and unusable.

In such disastrous situations, it is extremely significant to preserve the water damaged hard disks. Several businesses as well as general computer users all across the world, who have faced hurricanes, have had to handle devastating effects of flood which in fact led their computers being unusable.

There are some instructions on how to conserve water damaged storage devices so that business organizations and individuals could recover their data and shorten the time, which recovery takes to get your life and business back on the track. The most important tips are as written below:

The very first thing, which you should do, is to remove yourØ computer from water. Do not switch on the affected computer as it may cause short circuit. It could lead to further damage to your hard drive.
Carefully detach your hard drive from your affected computerØ system so that you could take all required measures to salvage your valuable data.
Never attempt to dry or heat the damaged disk as it could causeØ further damage. When the water enters in the hard drive due to flood, dirt and some other debris might also enter into the hard drive and attempts to remove water from hard drive may scratch the disk platters and could make the data complete inaccessible.
The other and the most important thing that you should take careØ is not to open the hard drive at your own. The hard drive should be opened only in safe, clean and sterilized environment of Clean Rooms.
Ultimately take your disk and pack it in the airtight bag with aØ moist sponge. When the disk was entirely immersed in the water, it is significant to keep it moist.
Now the realØ data recovery starts. You have to search for a good, reliable, experienced and established data recoverycompany, which has a team of trained data recovery professionals, high standard Clean Room and all required tools and techniques.

The success rate of data recovery in such posers is totally dependent upon the expertise of data recovery professionals. The better the specialist, the greater the possibilities of maximum recovery. You should find a data recovery expert who charges only for what he/she can recover, rather than selecting blindly.

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